Saturday, December 31, 2016

SMART goals 2016

  SMART goals challenge 2016
1sekrit santa giftiPod speakersbag to Goodwill
2two felt micecompression strapsbag to Goodwill
3heraldic enamelbench hookbag to Goodwill
4Laurel pendantkitchen corner clearedbag to Goodwill
5black/brown pinaforenew shoplightbag to Goodwill
6horses print blocknew ceiling tapworkroom ceiling fan
7carved bird stampextend chook fencingrandom flooring bits
8Jen jumperoverdoor shelf2 dead garden hoses
9Jen jumperyard weededyard waste bin
10Jen jumperL linen gown repairedyard waste bin
11yin yang wall quiltfront trees prunedyard waste bin
12snowdrop blocktoilet seat replacedyard waste bin
13Cathy underdressL green gown extendedyard waste bin
14Cathy underdressL linen gown extendedcardboard recycling
15charter paintedL wool apron dress1300 lb shed debris
16interstitial blocksink repair11 concrete piers
17bee Laurel enamelre-hem Maeva gownsyard waste bin
18charter paintedmend brown pinaforesome apple thinnings
19charter paintedtrim Farbjorn tunicbag to Goodwill
20charter paintedframed 2 printsbag to Goodwill
21original charter designadd green silk trim
to shot linen undergown
bag to Goodwill
22charter paintedcaged feral rosesbag to Goodwill
23window panel rackblock printed my
undergown hem
bag to Goodwill
24Æsa gownshed gone200# shed debris
253 Maeva gownsplanted green onionsyard waste bin
262 SR pillow coversrepair chook watererbag of hangers
27Farbjorn tunicrebuilt undergownyard waste bin
28Farbjorn embroideryadd undergown trimbag to Goodwill
29Thora embroideryadd octopus hookbag to Goodwill
30block printed trimpruned culinary sagebag to Goodwill
31printed Dayna fabricpruned forsythiagalvanised mesh
32printed trim samplespatch F undertunicTundra flooring
33banner designmended plaid gownfloor padding
34small coin pouchThora cuff trim bag to Goodwill
35charter #8Thora trim bandsbag to Goodwill
36Aesa apron dresspruned apple treebag to Goodwill
3711 scissors caseshem rayon dressbag to Goodwill
38blockprinted trimrayon dress facingbag to Goodwill
39Viking pursepopover neckline bag to Goodwill
40charter #9brush rest refurbishedwood scraps
41damasquinadostamps refurbishedshelf unit
42charter #10replaced purse embroidery yard waste bin
43charter #11primed shakesold wood windows
44Farbjorn undertunicpainted chookhouse
forged iron weight
pruning apple
45Farbjorn undertunicre-knit sweater cuffspaper recycle bin
46Farbjorn undertunichem A/C topyardwaste bin
47Golden Stars
charter master
front door
7 pounds
48two micro enamelschooks back doorGoodwill bag
49pewter castingframed Summits charterold chook gate
50charter #12framed Adiantum charterpaper recycle bin
51charter #13repair small frame3 bags recycling
52chicken hurdlesframe fox print2 bags trash
53twin Laurel enamelssetting acorn enamelbag to Goodwill
54tiny Pelican enamelshoe lacesbag to Goodwill
55charter #14plaid shoe lacesbag to Goodwill
56charter #15vacuum paint chipsbag to Goodwill
57Tullia painted bannerfox frame wirebag to Goodwill
58embroidered yoke5 skirts hemmed
(for Megan)
bag to Goodwill
59granulated star enamelturtleneck mendedbag to Goodwill
60DIY painting enamel---bag to Goodwill
overflow SMART goals!!!
61 interstitial block - bag to Goodwill
62 silver yad for Ben - bag to Goodwill
63 charter #16 - bag to Goodwill
64 rune enamel - 1 bag yarn
65 charter #17 - 2 pounds
66 charter #18 - full paper recycle bin
67 reflective mesh vest- bag of papers
68 blue batik dress - bag of papers
69 brown pinafore - bag of papers
70 setting rune enamel - bag of papers
71 wee jambe enamel - binders to Goodwill
72 Tullia apron - bag to Goodwill
73 3 dishcloths - 2 bags of papers
74 table drape - 3 bags of papers
75 turquoise dress - 3 bags to Goodwill
76 - - -
77 -
- -
78 - - -
79 - - -
80 - - -


  1. Wow!!!! great going. Its a fantastic way to see your incremental progress. Hopefully you are hugely encouraged by all you have achieved.

    1. when I started keeping a record of my SMART goals several years ago, it became an excellent tool for me, as a way of contradicting my feelings of despair at how slowly things improve. Each month, and at the grand total up at the turn of the year, I get an actual look at what has changed in my world. I think that next year, I may hotlink the "things made, and the things repaired, to images...