Monday, December 19, 2016

media Monday + "hey Coach, what next?"

in which our plucky heroine ramps up...

The computer zone here is has been sort of a hot mess, for a long time. There is really only one place in the house where it can be located, at the confluence of the phone line and a power outlet, and since Acorn Cottage was built long before multiple outlets all over the house were considered standard, much less multiple phone jacks.

My declutter coach came up with a strategy, that I would first remove ALL the paper clutter, as well as the vast numbers of random bits that seem to have found their final resting spots scattered around the desk space. Dealing with the paper* is a separate project, as is dealing with whatever was cluttering up all the flat surfaces. There isn't much I can do about the drifts of power cords that garland the right side of the shelving and desktops, but I can keep the surfaces from becoming buried in moop-y detritus.

Now that the bundles and bits and what feel like reams of old notes and printouts have been corralled and removed, the bones of my desk space have surfaced. Like most of the rooms, the living room is dark, so I draped a strand of fairy lights up to help make this spot a little less troglodyte. I cleared out one of the two little drawers under the monitor, will think about what may be useful to keep there - the other drawer has an assortment of CD's that are used on the computer (program backups, music, and information) so they rather belong there for now...

This just showed up on my FB feed and was rather charmingly unexpected; I remember watching The Monkees on television back when I was young, but I don't remember this...


December SMART goals

1 wee jambe enamel 5 skirts hemmed
(for Megan)
paper recycle bin
2 Tullia apron winter turtleneck mended-
3 3 knitted dishcloths - -
4 custom table drape - -
5 -- -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -

* tune in tomorrow for Episode 2: "Dealing with the Paper Piles of Peril..."


  1. Really nice to see your computer space. I can now imagine you there typing away on the blog or SG. My router has wifi so I can have my computer wherever I like really in the house which is handy. I too have paper trouble. I got three big stacks moved off the coffee table in the living room so I could put a 4' Christmas Tree there. I dumped them in my study on the desk. It is now only one pile as I went through and took out the magazines, recycled envelopes and brochures and other general junk leaving only the more important papers. They are still not in the filing cabinet but its a start!

    1. Ruthie...I am sure that your living room looks beautiful and festive, with the tree, and that lovely wall hanging...

      I do spend a lot of time in this little cubbyhole desk spot, which is on one side in my living room. I do have wifi, but find dealing with blog posts, image processing, and tracking down information is much easier on my desktop computer than on my phone. I do not have a laptop, and the other tech devices I have (Kindle, tablet) are equally unsuitable for actual data gathering or creating.

      In some ways dealing with paper is the worst! I have been putting off dealing with the filing cabinet forever, and I am sure that there is more paper hidden here and there around the cottage. I have 16 boxes left to open, and see what they contain, and I am sure that some of them have more paper to sort through! One would think that in such a small house there would not be so much "stuff"

  2. Your computer space looks fabulous now that it is clutter free. All our wifi stuff is in the sewing room and we are wireless (including our TV reception). But, the lap top sits on the kitchen table and there is paper clutter all round it. It is annoying so we are rethinking how it will look once the renovations are done. There will be a charging center in the kitchen and then one in the living room. Then it will be time to figure out where the lap tops go. I will get it figured out once the renovations are done.

    1. The two aspects that seem important to me are getting to the point that there are systems in place for paper-handling, so that it doesn't end up as paper clutter, and dealing with setting up work spaces that are actually where the work happens... I am still working on these aspects, so that once I deal with old paper bits, I am not creating NEW paper clutter. Since I don't have a laptop, I can only do actual computer work at the desktop. Good luck with your renovations!

  3. Lovely piece of music. I had never heard it before.

    1. I had heard the carol before, but hearing it sung by the Monkees was really amusing and sweet at the same time