Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fragments and figments

IN which our plucky heroine makes progress...

The moon is waxing, and sometimes the night cools down enough that riding my bike is a treat, in the way that makes me feel like I am a happy child again, and all the stress of being an elder falls away for a few moments... I am so grateful that life allows me these small pleasures

The folks from Blue Cedar House are coming came to visit for the weekend; the plan being that sewing of Viking Age clothing will be a good trade for yardwork and honey-do help. This will be excellent - hopefully they decide that they love the SCA, as this is just the sort of skill trade that will improve the lives of both our households.

Saturday morning Mr R started on the project of installing a new sink in the bathroom, as well as filling the holes in the wall, so that the cold winter breezes will not zoom out into the house. Whatever the formers owners were good at, house repair and remodeling were not part of their skill set... His lovely wife, my friend M, made a valiant and successful foray against the weeds and grass in the north side yard, the pathway to the backyard, which has not been loved in a number of years... we are finding all sorts of surprising artifacts, most of them only fit for the transfer station. For now, until there is an actual plan for this space, the sword ferns can stay...

The bathroom sink zone is starting to be filled in with painted plywood... the upper panel will be screwed in place, and then molding set around to cover the edge gaps; the plywood also needs some sponge painting to match is more accurately to the color of the painted bathroom walls. Once the mirror is also re-installed, and the sink also re-attached, the bathroom will be in much better shape! (the new sink and faucet have been sitting in a box in the bathroom for the last two+ years, and I put in the temporary sink in 2008)

By the time M was ready to call it a day, almost the entire north side yard was cleared...
Saturday evening M and Mr R went off to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary with a sushi feast, whilst young Heather, both little girls, and I all watched Totoro... The next morning (Sunday) all sorts of additional work happened:

The north side yard was entirely cleared of weeds, save for the volunteer sword ferns. Much easier to walk through, and to hang clothing on the clothesline along the fence. I am not sure what the best thing to do with this space... there is a concrete pathway down the middle, with gravel on either side.
The "fence" side does get sunlight, and there are a few planter boxes there, which could/will get some added compost and hopefully some winter greens planted. But the "house" side gets little or no sunlight, and while it does grow weedy grasses, I don't think it would get enough sun for vegetables So far the best idea I have come up with is to allow Future Chickens to occasionally dig through the area, to keep the weeds from getting as deep a foothold. Advice welcome... (I am not particularly interested in gardening for it's own sake... aside from some food plantings and possibly some flowers for cut flowers)

The new sink is installed, and the bathroom feels very different, there is no huge cardboard box taking up floor space, and the rounded curves of the porcelain fit the style room a lot better, as well as just physically being smaller than the former sink with the rectangular wooden framework.

The old sink and faucet went back to the Rebuilding Center,(along with the assorted window screens that turned up in the side yard), (though I did keep the extra-strong angle brackets, as those will be most handy for supporting the future standing workbench) We are still having some small issues with fitting together the new sink faucet and the old pipe fittings, but I am watching it for leakage, as it seems like the cold water line fittings are not entirely sealed... our plucky heroine is hoping that if needed a bit of disassembley and some judicious re-pipe-taping will take care of any problems...

The amount of work that was accomplished this weekend is just astounding! There was enough time to also make a start on the south side yard, and this huge clump of vegetation was removed from the side yard bed. The compost bin is full, the yard waste bin is full, and there are two paper compost sacks also full. This pile of additional yard debris will need to wait it's turn...

The parking strip got some love today... my friends decided to clear away all the weeds that were filling the planter box and all around the persimmon tree, rebuilt the bricks around the tree that had been kicked down, and then mulched the whole thing. I can now add some plantings back into the box, and eventually there may will be a second planter box on the other side of the tree...

August SMART goal challenge
1 * paper wasp nest destroyed fabric to Goodwill
2 * 2nd wasp nest destroyed bag to Goodwill
3 * parking strip planter improved yard waste bin
4 * north side yard cleared yard waste bags
5 * bathroom sink attached Rebuilding Center
6 * bathroom wall repaired *
7 * broken toilet seat replaced ----------
8 * * ----------
9 * * ----------
10 ---------- * ----------

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