Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the ur-pattern

I may have gone completely off the deep end here... I found this pattern on Etsy, and could not resist buying it. Was a favorite of mine back in high school, but long lost in the myriad moves and households formed and dissolved since those days. Back in high school I made several of these, in various fabrics, mostly denim or corduroy, they were a wardrobe staple at the time, for me, and could be again...

In some ways this pattern is a kind of ur-pattern, that many of my jumpers over the years have wanted to be, or hearken back to...while I am no way now or ever or even back then a size 5, my pattern alteration/grading skill is hopefully equal to the task of upgrading the size to fit me. Will be a fun project, and will most likely become part of SWAP 2012. I am amused that my personal style has shown rather remarkable areas of consistency over forty years...

dog is on watch

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