Monday, December 12, 2011

sparkle on the hard world

in which our plucky heroine walks with care, 'twas hard winter this morning...

Yesterday we had our gift sale, experimenting with having a one day sale on a Sunday... the good news is that we seem to have got out from under the "snow curse", and the weather was quite cooperative. But for a number of reasons, there was fairly modest traffic, and sales were not as good as in previous years. We are hoping to get together during the year to work on both planning and on creating more goods to sell; it is fun to craft in company at times. Next year we hope to have two sales on different weekends, one here and one in Wilsonville, and we also plan on starting a ManyHands Marketplace blog...
. .

The other benefit of hosting the gift sale, is that preparatory to it requires really clearing out the living room of all the random boxes, and knitting bags of yarn, and stacks of inspiring magazines, and random detritus. So at the end, once everyone was packed up and the actual furnishings returned to their places, it looked ever-so-much better than before we turned it into a boutique. (though I do love how it looks all chock-a-block with gifty goodness) It is much more peaceful without all the partial projects hanging about, and am currently filled with a great desire to do the same thing to my bedroom!

It would be lovely to convalesce in a space that did not look like a mad textile rubbish tip; this probably means that MORE SHELVING is necessary. The most cost effective way to proceed will probably involve a trip to Mr Plywood, and the magic saw. "Brackets and boards, brackets and boards, I'm gonna get me some brackets and boards..."

As part of the decorating for the sale, added a new string of LED fairy lights to the front window, and then realised that the partially non-functioning original strand actually had spare tiny LED bulbs, so now the front porch windows are twice as sparkly. I also rearranged the mushrooms and the Dala horses that normally live up there, and moved the remaining frost sprites over there as well. Looks most merry midwinter-ish now, and the wintertime Dala horse ornament is now hanging from the oakleaf door knocker.


Tomorrow I meet with the new doctor, and hope to have some of the myriad questions answered, at least the ones that can be answered... This is being a definite lesson in maintaining calm in the face of uncertainty, and so far, is not an easy lesson at all; will be a continuing opportunity to practice equanimity (practice makes progress, sigh and alas)

dog is on watch

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