Saturday, December 24, 2011

squee !! which our plucky heroine recieves an unexpected special gift

I have for many many years been a great fan of the woodcut artist Mary Azarian, her life and art are an inspiration to me. Scattered about Acorn Cottage are small bits cut and colored from one of her sale catalogs from long ago; the chore angels that hang above my kitchen window my kitchen are hers, and Snowflake Bentley is on my shelves of childrens books.

An surprise visit from B & R this evening found me in the living room with a large flat parcel wrapped in newsprint and tape, which when uncovered turned out to be this:

My happy noise* on seeing this came as quite the shock to my pals, as R had chosen the gift as something she thought would be a lovely addition to my home, not realised that I never expected to own one of the actual hand-colored woodcuts, or even that I was a particular fan of the artist... the print is quite large, at about 18 x 11, and I will be wanting to re-frame it in a solid frame, as I plan on hanging it in the kitchen. I am filled with humble gratitude at the knowledgeable generosity of my pals.

*"I knew it would be good, but I didn't know it would be that good..." (the words of my dear friend R, after being subjected to my loud squee of delight)

The Cornish Wassail

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