Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry merry random bits

in which our plucky heroine ponders continuity...

Another wonderful gift, from my Sekrit Santa pal (actually opening this one early, but I am so grateful for the "looking-forward-ness" of it - HRM Dagmaer gifted me with a certificate for a new baby apple tree! The words she sent brought tears to my eyes. There will be, as the luck holds, many more years ahead, for the tree to grow and bear apples and for me to care for it and enjoy the harvest. Shall be hard to choose which variety to bring home to Acorn Cottage...

a bit of animated whimsey...


...and a couple of holiday tunes

Old Hippie Christmas - Bellamy Brothers

Jingle Bells - Jerry Garcia

I am finding Rima's "Wayfarers Nativity" so very appealing, something about the light on the snow, the folk all working together, just speaks to me. I have been reading her blog The Hermitage for several years, and there are so many many artists living in that little corner of the world, Terry Windling is a neighbor there too...

Wouldn't you like to read about fierce candy cane-eating outlaw girls."? *

dog is restless
will not sleep

*"A Crow Girls Christmas" - by Charles de Lint & MaryAnn Harris


  1. What a perfectly wonderful gift! Planting the tree next Spring will mark the beginning of your journey post-surgery. You both will grow and change and be friends with one another, you and your tree.

    I don't write into Stitchers Guild but wanted to respond to your request for "encouragement and advice" following your anticipated hysterectomy. Mine was in the early 80s; everything went well, recovery was quick and I did whatever I wanted to, including sewing, from the start. Also took a walk every day but of course all exercise was gentle. About 12 years later I had a cancerous eye removed and again I did very well. Such profound life events can plunge a person deep within themselves, strengthening bonds with tremendous forces for healing within. You are a spirited, hard-working and optimistic person; those qualities will not desert you when you need them most. In both situations I felt surrounded by love; good-hearted, kind people made me feel that way. It sounds like you have such people in your life, too; be of good cheer.

    I like to meditate in the hot water after finishing my bath. I lean back and think about anything about which I am curious, including dreams of the previous night. This practice has been the most profound force for healing in my life. It corresponds with Carl Jung's "Active Imagination." Be receptive to positive images and messages; consider terminating meditation if destructive or bleak images or messages appear.

    These words are an approximation of some I heard somewhere: "God sends the wound. God is in the wound. God heals the wound." That God may dwell within you.

  2. Carol, your story and words here mean a great deal to me. I'd not thought of the tree as being my new companion in recovery, what a wonderful concept. I am filled with gratitude for the circles of love and support that surround me, my family, my friends, and all the folks and friends that I've not met in person, but that this virtual world allows connection...