Thursday, December 8, 2011

R.I.P. Sparkley...

In which our plucky heroine says enough already!...

I got home after dusk, and while putting groceries away, and starting to cook dinner, I heard a terrible bad racket in the yard, hen noises, which is never good... I'd not yet shut the hens in their house, and will be feeling horrible about that, for when I went out in the yard, there were two very freaked out hens... and in the chicken house was one very dead hen, and one very live possum! I was SO ANGRY! I tried banging on the side of the henhouse, and that made the possum angry, it opened its mouth full of big nasty teeth and hissed at me.

I called my friend Rois, and she asked her husband what to do - his suggestion, turn the hose on it. Well, I do not have a hose, so I took a bucket full of water and threw it at the possum, which made it mad, and wet, and made the chicken house all wet and gross on the inside. It still wouldn't leave, so I got a LONG metal tent pole, and poked at it till it ran out of the henhouse. Then I chased it around the yard like a madwoman. (now mind you, if I lived out in the countryside, instead of in the middle of Portland, there would have been an entirely different and much more final way of dealing with the situation)

So now I have two freaked out but sleepy hens in a cage in the backyard, and a chicken house that is full of soggy slightly dirty somewhat bloody bedding, with internal walls that look like the scene of a horror movie: "Marsupial Madhouse"... I was not going to try and deal with that in the middle of a cold December night, and fortunately my pals just got home from their trip and will help me tomorrow.

I know better than to say "how much worse can it get" but instead will say "I've had enough of this already, time for something good, something pleasant, something nifty for a change...

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  1. Last year, I had to deal with one dead hen, three traumatized hens, and a long-gone raccoon. The bloody mess at least was not complicated by water and the night time. It happened at night, but I did not find it until morning.