Friday, December 9, 2011

a few Friday fragments

Completed a few new ornaments for the sale that is happening here this Sunday (day after tomorrow). I thought that these owls were a nice balance between retro and current. They are really quite large, maybe four inches across, and made from a combination of new felt and recycled felted wool. The ear tufts make me smile, and their vintage button eyes have been in the button box since I was a child, waiting for the perfect use.

I so enjoy doing these kinds of simple handwork projects; more than most anything else they are soothing and relaxing, taking just enough mental concentration to keep the mind from dwelling in less felicitous places. Moderately complicated knitting does the same thing, and I need to remember that I can knit again without pain, after not being able to for so long.

Maybe after the winter holidays I will gather up all the worsted weight yarn and start on a sweater. While an all one color cardigan would be more my style, it will be an interesting challenge to create something from all the myriad random single skeins. I'm thinking Philosophers Wool / Kaffe Fassett style patterning, as a very simple cardigan. Maybe see about running some of the patterning from side to side, which would give me more vertical lines rather than horizontal... Hmmm is pleasant to think about, which beats the alternative.

My remaining two hens are doing okay, and there has been no sign of the return of the Monstrous Marsupial.

Have not started any sewing clothing for me yet, am still gathering Useful Fabrics together. This afternoon when talking to my mother, she mentioned clearing away extra sheets from her linen closet... "I can give them a good home", says I, immediately envisioning being able to create fitting muslins for some of the altered patterns I am hoping to use for SWAP this year.

I know this is really an advert, but it is terribly cute nonetheless
and should you want more info, here is the "making-of" video

dog is on watch

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