Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday thoughts

in which our plucky heroine indulges in anticipation, allowing the fantasy that all will be well, in the hope that it may come to pass...

For the next few weeks, a dual focus; we (my crafty pals and I) are having a holiday gift sale here at Acorn Cottage on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, and I am having diagnostic surgery earlier that same week. A lot to prepare for, and not a lot of time! The good news is that I did not need to battle OHP for months to get this appointment, as was the case with my hand. Once medical-fu is behind me, (hopefully without further problems) the focus will be on cloisonne studio work, before the winter holiday season. It will be a treat to get back to enameling again...

And then, once the winter holiday season and 12th Night work is done, I intend to spend time sewing me some new clothes. SWAP is an acronym: "Sewing With A Plan", and is an annual occurrence currently being hosted on the Stitchers Guild Message Board. Each year there are somewhat different parameters, but always the idea is to end the challenge with an assortment of clothing that works for you. The last time I successfully completed a SWAP was in 2005, most of those clothes have long since worn out, with the exception of the Hawaiian shirt and the denim jacket. It was so great, that year, to have a closet that all the clothing worked together as friends; made getting dressed so very easy that I have ever afterward chosen my clothing to all work together in color and style.

This year there are no "quirky" requirements, and there is quite a bit of latitude in what to choose. The rules are: choose seven garments, and then from that seven, choose four to make two of, for a total of eleven. My intention is to make a blouse, two t-shirts, a vest, two tunic/overshirts, two dresses, two pairs of pants, and a skirt... This is not as insane as it seems. I have TNT* patterns for all of these garments except the pants and the vest.

It will be fun, I hope to not just do the planning (which always is my favorite part) but to actually have some new clothes to wear. I am particularly looking forward to coming up with some pants I am willing to wear, since this past year has showed me that there are times when my beloved pinafore dresses are not quite the appropriate garb. That trip to the ocean, for one, and wandering around in the woods up at Emerald Keep, for another...

* Tried-N-True

dog is on watch,
there is danger at the door

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