Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine attempts to return to cheerful equanimity (as opposed to the funk of the last few days...)

My viral flu-shot arm is now back to normal size. I'll spare you the rest of the other assorted medical-fu of the week, boring boring boring annoying boring.

E very kindly drove me to pick up henfood at Concentrates, with a stop at Cash & Carry for assorted large container food supplies. They do indeed carry white wine vinegar, (which proved so very difficult to find elsewhere in anything other than minuscule precious vials), but it has preservatives (:P) in it, which are a non-starter in my book. Oh well. I'll just stick to either white vinegar or cider vinegar for future pickling.

After stopping at C&C, it occurred to me that a large commercial cookie sheet would make a dandy slide-out tray for underneath the perch area in the new (yet-to-be-built) henhouse. There are various bits of wood, and random Ikea parts set aside for that project, which will hopefully eventually create a house which will encourage perching and discourage nestbox-sleeping.

Someone in the henhouse laid an egg yesterday! Is HennyPenny hoping for a reprieve, or has one of the moulting Speckldies an extra amount of vim? At any rate, even a few extra eggs in the winter will be welcome, as a favorite breakfast or snack is hot broth with an eggs stirred in.

After much online and bookstore searching, it became obvious that persimmons are not intended to be canned as simple fruit preserves. Not needing a mort of chutney, the beautiful orbs will be turned to puree and frozen, so as to patiently wait for a chance to become something sweet and delightful. Perhaps this pear persimmon spice cake with whiskey creamcheese frosting

Best of all, one of my blue handknit fingerless mitts, which had disappeared over a week ago, leaving me with one hand warm and one hand cold, has been found. While walking to the other bus stop, the one without a bench, there in the edge of a pile of soggy leafage was a glimpse of stripey blue. None other. A wash and a great deal of vegetable matter removal and there was a grand reunion in the warm hands drawer, not to mention that my outdoor wintertime workaday tasks will be much improved. Speaking of which, since it is grey, but windy and not raining, there is a load of laundry that is waiting to meet the clothesline...

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  1. Our chickens are still laying at least an egg every other day. We're really surprised they're still going so strong. (We shop at Concentrates too! They had the best prices on organic food.)