Friday, December 24, 2010

Κεφαλόποδ + other random thoughts and treats

Fortunately, my cold seems to be on the way out. Maybe the three days of mostly rest and hot soup were just the thing (note to self: remember this, even at times when work is necessary, take time to rest and drink broth). As I'm feeling better, I do plan to have an open house Crafternoon on Boxing Day ( this Sunday, December 26) Hopefully there will be some folks around town that will feel like dropping in. Exciting planned holiday snacks will include the ancestral Fine Family Rum Balls, as well as other delights. Sunday afternoon 1 - 5 PM
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Soon it will be Christmas Day, and what does that mean... Well among other things it also means that SWAP 2011 will begin! Start your sewing machines (brmmm brrrmmm)... My ideas for this year's SWAP keep changing: originally my plan was to really push myself with multiple new techniques, and several difficult fitting challenges/new-to-me patterns. Now I'm not feeling like that is what will make me happy, as the thought of all that was stressful to the point not enjoying the planning phase, which is usually one of my favorite parts.

Looking back to the original SWAP concept, the idea started with using simple basic patterns, and letting the fabrics and limited color palette create a usable wardrobe. I do have basic patterns that fit me (knit top, bias-front top, several pinafore/jumpers), and will use what works rather than add the additional challenge of developing a functional blouse pattern to the other parameters*. We are asked to use new techniques or features, and pattern development is a whole different level than that.

For SWAP 2011, my focus will be buttonholes, closures, and pockets, additional variety of those details will add a great deal of style to my sewing, and are all feature/techniques that I could definitely use improvement with. I'm looking forward to exploring the many variations on buttonholes and pockets, (remembering that bound buttonholes and double welt pockets are cousins). There are great tutorials over on the blog ikat bag, including myriads of pocket styles and how to add them to garments:

* the blouse pattern challenge will be my personal challenge for later in 2011, I still really want one, but need to come at the project with an attitude of exploration rather than my current attitude of dread
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There's a small bit of holiday cheer all around the house ~≈ : ♥ : ≈

delightful, though not traditional...

Bone Poets Orchestra holiday video
(just a tiny bit NSFW)

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