Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday thoughts and thankfuls

A bit less grumpy now, but this post will be short since my eyes are still dilated from my visit to the doctor this afternoon, I turned down the contrast and brightness on the monitor, but things are still pretty fuzzy/rainbow-y... (No photos either, since no focus of the eyeballs possible currently) The technology to take all the measurements on my eyes has changed in the many years since last done, but sadly, they couldn't give me a copy of the digital baseline pictures of my wonky optic nerve to post here... (looked vaguely like photos of the sun, all red and orangy-yellow and round)

Though once again the Tri-met website sent me on an odd journey, taking a bus that didn't actually go where I needed to be this afternoon, it was a lovely grey cool day, and walking from where I realised that we were nowhere near my destination, to where I needed to be, was a pleasure. And the busdriver today was wearing the oddest busdriver outfit I'd seen so far: a kilt! (or else maybe a blue skirt?!?) with big burly suspenders.

When returning home, there was a little package on my doorstep, a surprise gift from the observant and thoughtful E. That kindness completely turned my day around, and I look forward to trying the special relaxing tea, and to creating some suitable setting for the lovely bit of carving... Thank you so very much!

Not being able to do anything much at all that requires close vision, the rest of today has been napping and knitting. Unexpected, and pleasant. The current yarnish project is coming along nicely, another test knit. The double ruffled design is very different from my more utilitarian style; the cable pattern on this is really appealing, like a kind of very nicely rounded chain; I'm curious to see how it looks as worn, when finished, (which will be very soon, even with my slow knitting, this one is relatively fast). It took me a bit to get into the rhythm of the pattern, but it is actually simple. Tried knitting the cable without a cable needle and that was harder for me than the traditional way. This colorway of Malabrigo ("pearl ten") is absolutely scrumptious, it is a sort of iridescent grey, very lively, looks almost like abalone shell. Hmmm… must see if there are any abalone shell buttons in my button box for when this is finished.

Picked up a bunch of bay-nuts on the way home this afternoon, the big tree on the next block over is finally ripe, and they are falling to the street and sidewalk. The owners were amused at my gathering them, so that will continue for the time being, and they were large enough to be easily seen even with my eyes all funky. This year I'll not make the mistake of drying them too quickly (which cracks the shells), but simply let them air dry. Did you know that the tree is related to the avocado? The oily husk stained my fingers an orangey color, perhaps there is a dyestuff potential there as well... (read more about the bay nut tree here)

Grateful for: OHP, friends, a modest yarn stash and my mother for teaching me to knit, unstuckification, the shelter of Acorn Cottage, and the internet, which has changed the face of research for me forever.

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