Friday, February 19, 2010

whimper and whinge

Mind you, I realise that this is such a first world kind of grumble...

Monday night, at the free clinic, I had the pneumonia vaccine, in the well-padded back of my arm up near the shoulder. No big deal, right...that's what I thought...

Tuesday my arm was sore, and there was a bit of a red spot, about the size of a quarter. By evening it was so sore that sleeping was difficult; too cold here to sleep with my arm outside the covers, but even the touch of the sheet was painful.

Wednesday moving the arm, or the touch of clothing was not a good idea, but I went to work anyway. Should have realised something was off when I fell asleep on the bus. After meeting V for lunch after work, I went home and went back to sleep in the middle of the day. Woke up feeling even worse, wasn't sure if it was 5 PM or 5 AM. The arm much more advanced inflammation-wise, and I stumbled to the medicine cupboard to find the thermometer - 101.3F. I guess I'm special, only 1% of the tested subjects get fever...

Thursday the fever is somewhat only a little bit lower. I took this picture* in the morning; its damnably hard to photograph you own arm. By evening, the inflammation has continued to spread all the way to the elbow joint.

Friday the fever is down to 99+, and the swollen inflammation continues to expand the area conquered past the elbow joint; bending the elbow is painful now, but still possible. It reminds me quite a bit of the dread spinach wasp incident, but in reverse. Fortunately. Kind of like whatever poison in the vaccine that I am reacting to is trickling down the inside of my arm. Obviously, I think I should not get any followup doses of this one. And I really wish that I did have insurance, so as to find out what perzaktly is causing this; I'm wondering if it is a reaction to one of the chemicals(possibly thimerosal) in the vaccine ... I imagine that I will probably need various other vaccinations during the remainder of my life, and this kind of reaction is rather alarming.

So I've been pretty dang whupped this week, and doing as much sleeping as I can manage, in between working... yeah, fell asleep on the bus again (coming home this time) ended up in St Johns, so not too difficult to get back home again...I guess it is worth it, since if I did get pneumonia I'd be in a world of grief without insurance, but this is No Fun At All

If you want to see what my arm looked like on Thursday (though you probably don't) its a lot worse now:


  1. Yeeouch. Can you go back to the free clinic and ask them about what is in that vaccine?

    I doubt thimerosal would cause THAT kind of reaction, I wonder if your body thinks that the virus is not so attenuated after all. You can request thimerosal free vaccines most places now, though, if you would like to forego the mercury.

  2. I cross posted this on LJ and both AM and K think it looks and sounds more like an infection than an allergic reaction...I'm scared now, had not even thought of that possibility. I'm going seek medical care first thing in the morning, I think the Providence folks have financial assistance.

    I will certainly call the free clinic again, I called them on Thursday when I was still having difficulties, but no one called me back