Friday, February 26, 2010

warm & lacey

I finished my Lacey Baktus scarf last night. Not sure why the design is called "lacey" other than the fact that technically it is knitted lace; to me this is more of a wonderfully textured but tidy pattern of holes (when I think of "lacey" I think of ruffles and frills and the kind of awful scratchy lace on little-girl petticoats)

Anyone wanting a really simple easy to memorise pattern for a scarf would do well to try this one, it's all knit in garter stitch, with only one row of "yo-k2tog" every eighth row. The yarn is lovely, soft and warm and just drapey enough, and the color is
a dusty blue-grey, a good match for my eyes. I like this one a lot. Spring is coming, so probably no more scarf/shawl knitting this season; I'll need to find something else to do with my "transit time".... oh, right, there is still the pair of chocolate colored wrist-warmers to finish...

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