Sunday, February 28, 2010

some teaparty tidbits + a giveaway

When did this happen - or, do I really look like that?...
I took advantage of my guests this afternoon to have a picture taken, outside, and without my arm at an odd angle to hold the camera far enough away to catch my reflected image. It is always a surprise shock to see a photograph of myself. What I really notice however, is how much I look like my beloved grandma "Nana Fay", somehow in my mind's eye I look very different, and somehow not as old, even when I look in the mirror.
I like the split cowl knit top much better as worn here, under a jumper (this one is black silk noil.) The rayon knit fabric is so thin and soft, it feels wonderful to wear.
~ : ♥ : ~
Another fun Crafternoon teaparty...My dear friend Megan was first to arrive, bringing still warm! homemade oatmeal bread. We had a nice visit back in the sewing room, till she had to leave to complete some necessary tasks, about the same time as the doorbell rang for more visitors. It was Stacey and her sweetie Barret, who rode over here on their bicycles, along with Vandy. A bit later, Marya and Aelflaed showed up as well. There was lots of happy chatter, and much tea was consumed. A possible Mother's Day Gift Sale for April 23/24th was discussed, and a "swap-your-stash" supply trading day is planned for the Crafternoon teaparty on April 25. A bit later we all trooped outside to make use of the remaining sunshine daylight to take some photos documenting Aelflaed's knitting. I couldn't resist saving this one -
(this photo needs a caption)
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So apparently over the last few years I have written 400!?! posts about various things. Seems like a lot of writing, and worth commemorating. So by way of doing that, I'll be choosing someone to receive a special prize, and all you need to do to enter the giveaway is to comment here on this entry, with a caption for the photo above. I will choose the winning entry on March 7th.

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  1. I can't resist...perhaps you got a visit from *The Craft Burglers* ??? Lovely cowl BTW!