Tuesday, February 23, 2010

random Tuesday tidbits

The air, when it isn't raining, has a sweet and tender scent of the earth warming, and when I walk under the early blooming cherry trees I can smell the spring coming.

The ornamental plum in the front yard is beginning to bloom. Though I had to spend the lovely warm days we just had indoors, rather than in the yard where I wished to be, there will be time soon. It isn't really spring yet, but almost...
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I finished doing my taxes (yay!) quite a bit earlier in the year than I usually manage to finish. This is good. As a result of this, look for a "March Madness" sale in the next few weeks. I have random older stock, both regalia and decorative, that will be on sale for a significant discount. I will not be discounting future works, but would really like to find new homes for things already made, and thereby give my spirit and creativity some breathing room.

I will once again be offering enameling workshops, starting in March. Also Open Studio will resume as well. If anyone wants more details ( ie dates, times and prices) just ask...
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This morning I put on my big girl panties and went to the DHS office to apply for food assistance; I was pleased to find that not only did I have enough documentation in hand, but that they were able to see me later that day. I now have a magic refillable plastic card, that will allow me to buy not only healthy food, but also "seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat " This will help, a lot. The people working in the office were cheerful and helpful, which really made the process relatively painless. (a huge contrast to my only other experience, which was years ago, on another coast, and another story entirely)
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I found that the complete issues of The Craftsman, from Vol. I, No.1(October 1901)through Vol. XXXI, No.3(December 1916) are all available online to study. What an amazing resource, for anyone interested in Arts and Crafts era design and lifestyle. The site is the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections and I have no idea what other gems are "hidden" in there...
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I've started making a bit of progress on sewing new clothing, and finished sewing a soft rayon knit top I'd cut out weeks ago. I needed to allow myself some bit of handcraft amongst the pushing myself to do difficult things. It keeps the balance...

Split-cowl top...suitable for wearing under wintertime jumpers, or with the knitted vest
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  1. Nice to hear your cheery self! I love the top with the niffty collar.I need to sew more for myself maybe I would like clothes again.