Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday musings + media

Despite storm warnings, the weather this weekend here in Portland wasn't a repeat of last years blizzard. There was plenty of frost and ice, but not so much that no one dared the streets to come to our art and craft sale. There was quite a bit of local traffic, (thanks to the great job of putting up signs by Team ManyHands) and various friends came by both Saturday and Sunday. It turns out that my neighbor Molly is an old friend and climbing buddy of Vandy's and they had a good time catching up. We all sold some things and it was fun, (if also a lot of work)
Truly my life would be far less flavorful without my pals. I was reminded of that when Vikki came back from a quick jaunt up the street to Goodwill with some lovely wool/silk yarn for me; to unwind the skeins into a more useable format, I turned to the most recent gift from another dear friend, Rois of Hrafinstaad. She had found this umbrella swift at the Bins, and sent it my way knowing that I do quite a bit of textile craft, and that if I couldn't use it I'd surely know someone who could...
It looks far more like an actual umbrella than any other swift I've ever seen (they are mostly these wooden contraptions, rather than a delicate construct of wire and blue plastic). I'd been wanting one for a long time, and this one even matches the house! I still need to do the actual winding by hand, but it is eversomuch easier than trying to unwind a skein by draping it between two chairs!
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I decided that all my tiny frost sprites were a bit too unstable on their little floss feet, and attached them to flat stone bases. These two looked so happy together that I couldn't resist the temptation to make them a pair... I will be listing them in my Etsy store for use as a decoration, or as a potential wedding cake topper.
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I didn't forget my housiversary last week, the year four gift is traditionally fruit. I think that Acorn Cottage will be getting something from the plant nursery this year, like oh, say, some elderberries for fruit and flower, pretty to look at and healthful to eat
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Lastly, as a way of saying thanks for not dumping snow all weekend, I found this little ditty -


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