Thursday, March 12, 2009

Because it's time + clothesline envy

I am so ready for winter to be done, I left life in the snowlands behind 'cos I love the grey rain, not that snow in March thing... so, being hopeful that the inspiration will be the parent to the fact, I chose some springtime colors to make the new seasonal sprites, and am changing out my front window decorations to reflect the (hopefully) warmer days to come. Made a little Early Rhubarb sprite all pink and green; one of my two rhubarb plants has made it through the winter and is just peeking above the dead leaf mulch. I'll be making a few more sprites, in varied soft and bright colors and putting them into the shop. The sprites are just the right size to take with me as a riding-transit project, all the supplies fit in a little plastic sandwich box, and having a project makes the waiting for the bus into a productive time rather than an annoyance

Today is a housey-day, all the needed tasks are a form of housewifery. A bit more cleaning needs done before folks arrive this weekend, I'm going to get a head start on tea-party snackage, I have a sewing commission to work on, and since the forecast is a sunny windy day, some time in the backyard doing cleanup/garden prep would be a good idea. Hmmm...laundry + sunny-windy, I think I'll hang the laundry on the line this morning. Nothing better than sundried clothing and bedsheets.

Once I get the new chicken run in place, I'm hoping to figure out a better clothesline solution. Right now, I have a cobbled-in-place one, tied from the side chainlink fence to a hook above the door to the shed. It works, but it also crosses the pathway to the backyard, so if there is laundry drying, you run a gauntlet of damp flapping fabric. Not ideal! My nextdoor neighbors, on the other hand, have a perfectly good sturdy clothesline in their backyard that was obviously built by a former owner, since they never use it, and last year turned it into a bean trellis. In my dreams, I've one of these lovely Hills Hoist laundry dryers from Australia, but realistically, a better location in the backyard will be a good solution.
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  1. My friend from Germany has a lovely clothes line.It folds flat against their fence when not in use.When you need it,it has kick out legs.Chance is building us one.I like this idea because it can be out of the way when you don't need it. I will draw you a picture the next time we are together.Or if I am lucky Chance might have built ours by then.
    Love and Kisses Rois

  2. Sounds interesting. We should talk, I'm eager to get some new ideas

  3. Oh, I need a clothesline set up here too. I haven't got any. I keep meaning to. Man, with so much to do I never know where to start.