Monday, May 12, 2008

well begun and partly done

Yesterday I started assembling? the herb planting area, which is made using the little broken brick pieces that Sif gave me, stacked to make a circular planter around the star magnolia near the driveway. Got about not quite a third of the circle done, and put in the lovage, and the winter savory. I hope that I have enough brick fragments to do the whole circle.

Today Chance came over to help me with the bathroom vent fan. The fan is now attached to the ceiling, and only a bit of the sheetrock needed to be removed, which is good. When the project is done, the ceiling can be patched, and anyway one of the projects for the summer is to paint the bathroom. The difficulty is that the fan wiring up in the attic is apparently totally weird; despite numerous efforts, the fan does not communicate with the wall switch. (so it is currently not hooked up at all) The best we came up with so far was to have the fan always on, which seems wasteful, even if the new fan is an EnergyStar. Chance is going to go home and look in the BIG 'lectricity book, and see if he can figure it out. The project is still farther along now than I could do alone, and hopefully will be resolved in the next few days. If need be I can try and get in touch with my Norse electrician friend, but that will take longer...

Have got the gown for Rafny finished, just needs hem binding and hemline trim applied. The trim is lovely, and about four inches wide so application will be interesting...

I just wish that there were more hours in the day, and that I didn't get so tired so quickly

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