Monday, September 24, 2007

yet another reason to fear spinach...

On Friday I was stung on the index knuckle of my right hand, by what was most likely a yellow jacket that was in among the stems of a store-bought bunch of spinach.

I have the most awesome friends, who have been incredibly helpful. Just after I got stung, I called Aelfflaed to let her know that I wouldn't be making the rendezvous to caravan to our household encampment. I know I wasn't thinking too clearly, as I was in a lot of pain, and quite frightened. She reminded me to take benedryl, and came over to drive me to the emergency room. Stayed with me the whole time, and made a scarey experience less traumatic, fed me yummy YaHala lunch afterwards, and before heading back out to what I hope was a fun weekend camping, even thought to take the Benadryl capsules out of their little blister packs for me.

Which turned out to be a good thing, since my hand continued to swell up, and by the next morning, despite meds and intermittent ice treatment, the swelling had passed my wrist and was heading up my arm... After calling the nurse consulting line, I called my friend Ellisif, who lives a few blocks away, and asked if she could drive me to the Urgent Care clinic, where the doctor examining me said to take the Benadryl every four hours, and to call again if the swelling went past my elbow. Every four hours, I woke up to take more medicine, and marked on my arm where the normal-reactive line was...

By Sunday morning I could no longer use my right hand at all, it looked like a pink balloon, and the fingers couldn't really bend, though I kept trying to flex them to keep the circulation going, and the elbow joint was quite puffy. As it was early morning, I decided to take the Max line to urgent care, as the few folks I called were still asleep. So this visit, I get a prescription for a fresh epi-pen, a prescription for prednisone, a prescription for Zantac?, and a painful shot of some anti inflammation steroid in my bottom! ( yuck) The hope is that all this medicine will turn the reactive inflammation around, and allow healing to begin. My friend Rafny came and collected me from urgent care, and drove me home, after a stop at New Seasons for some lunch, and more meds from the pharmacy. She also very kindly brought me a stack of DVDs, as watching movies is about all I'm good for right now...

This morning there was some noticeable improvement, my hand is slightly less swollen, and I can move my fingers, hence I can type this. The good news is that there doesn't seem to be any secondary infection, and I didn't go into anaphylactic shock. (I did have my epi-pen in my dress pocket on the trip to the emergency room, and the doctor gave me a prescription for a new one, as my old one is several years old.

SO instead of the fun weekend I had been looking forward to for the last six months, I got to spend the weekend repeatedly going to the medical world, interspersed with medicated sleep... Oh well. There will be other camping trips...Am grateful for the help of friends, and that there actually is medical care, unlike many parts of the world.

In the next day or so I should be be to resume my regular daily life, goodness knows that the home and garden are both needing attention.

I am thinking about hosting a Monday evening open project night at my house, anybody interested??

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