Friday, July 20, 2007

So now I have a deconstructed bathroom sink to match my deconstructed workroom

In the madness of OCF prep, I managed to drop one of my little hair clips down the bathroom sink. Left the housesitter with strict instructions via duct tape across sink Do Not Use. Once sufficiently recovered from Fair to attempt home repair, I attempted to remove the offending barrette from the plumbing. Hooked wire down the drain...nope. Strong magnets wired to skinny dowel...nope. Long flexible wire grabby thing with extensible "fingers"...nope Thought about sledgehammer...nope

Decided to try and remove trap under sink. Damn pedestal sink makes access to undersink plumbing almost impossible, but by contorting self am able to feel for trap hardware...oh no, former owners not only "fixed" leaky shutoff valves with putty, but seem to have puttied over all the undersink connections as well... I cannot feel the bolts to remove the trap... After scraping away the caulk around the edges of the sink where it attached to the wall and floor, and removing the two screws holding the basin to the wall, I began to gently pry the sink assembly out, thinking that I could get a better view of the pipes...

The entire pipe assembly disintegrated, spilling a small amount of water, and the rouge hair clip, onto the bathroom floor. There was no sign of any threaded hardware attaching the various undersink pipes together. Apparently the former owners literally stuck the entire assembly together with putty!! Woo HOo Lets all give a mighty cheer for the amazing adhesive power that kept the sink drain together for so long...

Now I'm thinking about how I want to replace the bathroom sink. That is once I've removed enough of the bathroom sheetrock to get a clear shot at fixing the shut-off valves, which, though putty encrusted, are actually doing their job of keeping water from spewing out of the sink water lines. But they do need replaced before any sink work happens. My current fantasy for the bathroom sink is a copper hand forged round basin, done as a wall hung sink with forged iron brackets holding it in place. (must do some sketches)

Acorn Cottage is feeling a bit too deconstructed for my comfort. I think I need to learn to do soft-soldered copper pipe repair. Some friends say it isn't too hard, and I do have a torch and plenty of hard-soldering experience... Between the hot water tank lines, the washing machine lines and the bathroom sink lines, there is a lot of pipe repair that needs to happen before any re-construction can take place. I wish the repairs to have already happened, but that is a luxury for those with fatter piggybanks. I need to hold the clear image of how I want the room(s) to be, and somehow keep moving towards that goal. I realised that I can start on the workroom, even if I'm not ready to tackle the necessary plumbing; the sheetrock finishing, window trim, theoretical baseboards and some wall painting are all within my budget and skill-set.

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