Tuesday, February 13, 2018

it's awesome...

in which our plucky heroine gets a little bit spicy...

The very last of the tomatoes in the freezer are about to be turned into Awesome Sauce. My plan to gradually shift the freezer contents onto the newly cleared pantry shelves, by transmogrifying them into shelf stable condiments and preserves, is proceeding well. As well, my lovely next door neighbors are also fond of Awesome Sauce, which means I can gift them with some as thanks for all the times that they watch my hens on the rare occasions that I am not home.
So simple, and so tasty if it is made from homegrown tomatoes. The times I have been gifted with tomatoes, I simply chuck the ones I do not immediately eat into the chest freezer in a bag. They need no preparation, and the process of freezing means that as they thaw, there will be a span of time when it is easy to slip off the tomato skins, which otherwise would entail faffing about with dipping the fresh tomatoes into boiling water, and then into ice water in order to skin them. I prefer the texture and taste of condiments made after removing the tomato skins. The almost defrosted tomatoes, either halved or whole, are easily chopped up in preparation for the low slow cooking down of the future Awesome Sauce (aka British Chili Jam)


It has been a treat to ride about on my bike now that Farbjorn refurbished the chain with the dry lubricant... no more grindy-squeaky sounds, and it runs smoothly once again. I sped off to the local grocery store today for a few necessities, after my return from the Asian grocery earlier where I purchased gyoza (pot sticker) wrappers and ginger. I plan on making these dumplings for my crafternoon/stitch-n-bitch shindig on Saturday, as a nod to the start of Chinese Year of the Dog. It will be a noble experiment, as I have never made pot stickers from scratch before, but my sister in law made them for Superb Owl snacks, and if she can do it, I can too!

Making slow progress on my SWAP sewing, but am now in the last stages of my Alabama Chanin style cardigan assembly (adding edge bindings to finish it) and then will be adding snaps for a front closure. I suppose then I shall need to decide what to sew next... probably the plaid wool pinafore, as it makes sense to get that put together while it is still early in the year and cold out! I am still amazed that fabric acquired at least ten years ago is such a perfect match.

I also am considering trying out a new to me pattern, the Sewing Workshop "Haiku Two" jacket. After reading Martha's blog post about the one she just completed, it occurred to me that it might be a good option for a loose fitting overlayer. The reviews on Patternreview all make note of how oversized it is, which means that it will likely fit without my needing to do serious pattern alterations, and the half raglan sleeves mean that my eternal bugaboo, my ridiculously narrow shoulders, shouldn't be an issue. Plus, gigantic pockets!! I have some textured indigo linen, which will hopefully have enough drape to work with the pattern.


  1. Textured indigo linen -- yum! It will make a gorgeous Haiku jacket if it's not too heavy.

    1. I will have to see how it looks once I have machine washed and dried it to preshrink... textured linen often changes dramatically! It is not very heavy right now, so I am hopeful