Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday fragments

in which our plucky heroine remembers that, despite everything, there is still beauty in the bright world...

at Green Zebra (a local grocery), I saw the most beautiful display of oyster mushrooms...

and a closer look at one of the clusters:


I seem to be doing a lot of mending and repair this month, despite my desire to be making and doing. Whilst beginning on the large task of mucking out the textile room, I found some knitted fabric that lent itself to renewingone of my favorite knit tops, the stripey grey and black turtleneck. While mostly in good shape, the cuffs had become worn away in spots, and so this very narrow knit stripes in black and white were added to the ends to get a bit more another few years of wear out of it. I am considering also adding some Alabama Chanin style applique as well, since it is becoming a bit more "bohemian" a garment...


Now that the library zone is done, I've moved on to tackle a much more challenging part of Acorn Cottage: the textile zone! The small bedroom here serves multiple functions, it is a combination guest space and stitchery workspace, at least in theory. However, my fabric stash has rather taken over, primarily due to my inability difficulty in discarding smaller pieces of fabric that "might be useful". My intention here is to make the space be orderly enough so that guests will feel comfortable staying here, that I have space to work on projects for myself and on commission sewing jobs, and that I am able to easily find, among my supplies and tools, whatever I need from the things on hand.

I expect this to take a bit of time, as it is more complex than dealing with books and magazines; I also am resigned to it looking worse before it gets better, since all the small bits tucked away in bins or drawers will need to be sorted through and recombined into a not yet created system that makes sense to me. For right now, though, here is a picture of one wall with the newly orderly piles of larger fabric pieces, those with enough yardage to create garments:


January SMART goals
1 black/cream pinafore brown pinafore hemexpired medicines
2 toile for knit pants reframed charterpaper recycle
3 patches for march Wastekeep bid bag of papers
4 - charters on wall bag of papers
5 -topmost shelf cleared bag to Goodwill
6 - EBT application in bag to Goodwill
7 - bookcase tidied bag to Goodwill
8 - textile shelf leveled bag for Powells
9 - shadowbox tidied bag for Powells
10 - stripey cuffs mended -
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


  1. Those mushrooms look fantastic! I also also super impressed with the tidy piles of fabric. Mine don't stay that way for long unfortunately.

    1. Ruthie, if you could see the rest of the room currently, you would know what an anomaly those tidy stacks are. I am really making an effort this year to work on my room organisation, as the lack therof has been getting in my way of actually sewing! Right now my SWAP sewing has been languishing, as I instead have been doing OWAP (Organising With A Plan)

  2. Intriguing how we become attached to certain garments! How gratifying to extend the life of such a garment. If you bless the striped tee with some Alabama Chanin techniques I'm eager to see it.

    Your mushroom photo was moving to me, seeing it as I did while the inauguration happens.
    Thank you for illustrating that beauty thrives even in the midst of a large dismal, dismaying and frightening political climate. A reminder to not be overwhelmed.

    1. Carol - My thought for the stripey top with new stripey cuffs was to add some larger dark dots or squares over the stripey cuffs, as that would add a focal point without impairing the stretch needed to push the cuffs up and out of the way whilst working

      I will continue to post here not just of my sewing and crafting, but of both my larger concerns and of the incredible beauty here in the wonderful and fragile world we inhabit.