Tuesday, June 14, 2016

snippets and sorrow

in which our plucky heroine returns to blogland...

So many tears this weekend, and sometimes I despair for our species (and our biosphere)...my heart keeps breaking again and again... the only antidote I can manage is to make what efforts I can towards a world that makes sense to me, a world with caring and creativity and kindness and room for all. I am grateful to have spent the weekend with my Blue Cedar House folks...

the final load of shed debris gone, was another 220 lbs, which brings the total to just over 1500 pounds gone...and the backyard is reclaimed for use and beauty.

Hoping to get the new chicken habitat built over the summer, a new house and moveable chicken hurdles to allow for more rotational grazing in my wee backyard. The open space will become chicken rotational grazing space, and garden fruit tree space. There are two feral prune plum trees, that were growing around the back and side of the shed; I'll be doing some summer pruning to begin lowering them into reach, and clearing away some of the excess branches that were unreachable before.

Farbjorn cut away the metal debris, pulled the remaining nails, and neatly stacked the 2x lumber salvaged from the shed roof trusses, to form the base of this "burglar trap" on the back deck... seems like a good spot to also stack up some of the rolls of foraged galvanised mesh

Some new planters add additional growing spaces to Acorn Cottage. Maeva suggested that a narrow planter just outside the front porch could grow beans in the summer and they could run up to the porch roof and provide a bit of shade... The concrete brick just visible is used to level the planter on the uneven ground, and to raise the legs above the ground, so they will avoid decomposition

A good reuse of salvaged cedar fence boards, foraged galvanised mesh and scrap lumber. Almost finished, still need to line the box with windowscreening to contain the planting mix, and then add plants or seeds, and water! (It also occurrs to me that this would be an awesome planter to put spring bulbs in, for early in the year...)

The rest of the salvaged cedar fence boards became this raised planter out along the "devil strip" between the sidewalk and the street... full sun most of the day, so this new baby elder plant (Sambucus nigra "Thundercloud")will need supplemental water at least for the first year. This variety of elderberry will have dark leaves, pink flowers, and hopefully eventually a good crop of useful elderberries..

All in all it was a busy weekend:
200 lbs of debris to the transfer station
three undertunics for Farbjorn (need neckline hems done)
one indigo linen apron dress for Thora (need binding sewn down)
pieces cut out for new chicken house
new planter box for front porch
new planter box for devil strip
both compost bins full of weeds pulled
small chicken yard full of weeds pulled
front and back yards mowed

June SMART goals
1 damasquinado added undergown trim bag to Goodwill
2 charter #10 add octopus hook bag to Goodwill
3 charter #11 - bag to Goodwill
4 Farbjorn undertunic - bag to Goodwill
5 - - bag to Goodwill
6 - - 200# shed debris
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -

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