Saturday, April 30, 2016


in which our plucky heroine declaims "I can stop at any time..."

Narrow trim bands all in a row (waiting on the ironing board for their turn to be heat set). I wanted to see how the various motifs looked on different colors of fabric; it is hard to choose which is my favorite...

I might have to try this again with a few different colorways, and I am going to rummage through my fabric stash to see if I have any nice thin finely woven linen or silk to print on, as my experiments so far make it clear that high thread count fabric is the best for nice clear printing

Three color block printed trim, 1/2" wide - black, russet, and metallic gold. I used the new tiny blocks in combination to create this, and the flat tip of a chopstick to print the golden dots

I initially tried printing with the tiny motifs in all golden yellow on the blue linen, but that looked too monotone. Adding pearl dots and reprinting the stars in russet really enlivened it.
I plan on using this set of sample trim to decorate young Aesa's wool gown. (I finished her gown at the beginning of April, it is fairly plain, being a brown twill wool, with the edges bound in a medium blue wool flannel, stitched down with golden yellow - this trim will add some pretty embellishment to the cuffs)

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  1. GOOD GRIEF!!! Those prints are fabulous! You're a strip-printing genius!!! What an inspiration! And me, w/my sewing table covered with un-projects. . . tonight will be clearing off time! I am too inspired to be cluttered up w/un-projects!!