Monday, March 9, 2015

tiny tiny wonderfully tiny which our plucky heroine completes a set of Roman tunica button brooches...

This commission was done in Limoges (painted) enamel. Each piece is fired at least eight to ten times in the kiln before completion, and the work is at a scale that really pushed the limit of my capability! Once the enamels are completed, they had silver settings fabricated so they can be worn as individual brooches.

My good friend Tullia, who commissioned the set, in her lovely Roman clothing, with her characteristic brilliant smile! The very tiny brooches I made are used along each side to hold together the inner layer (tunica) along the shoulder and arm. For more information about this topic and others about Roman women's clothing look at the papers on her website: "ROMANA SUM"

March SMART goals
1ginger candied peel

29 tiny enamels

39 brooch settings 



  1. Oh those are beautiful. You are a very talented artist!

  2. No wonder Tullia is smiling. The finished brooches are absolutely exquisite. Such painstaking, delicate work. I couldn't begin to work at that scale. I must go and check out Tullia's website.