Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tiny Tuesday tidbits

Plum sauce is canned, seven 4oz jars in the pantry. It did come out kinda thick and dark this time, and maybe needs a bit more ginger, more like a sauce base this time. I mixed some with the leftover cranberry sauce from T-day, was a good condiment for the last of the T-day turkey scraps.

I have been referred to a new doctor, who is also a rockstar. This somehow tickles my sense of whimsy, while also reminding me inevitably of the beginning of Buckaroo Banzai. Seriously, NewDoc is in a band, all six of whom are gynecologic oncologists...

this a trailer, for a documentary in progress, about the band N.E.D.

Not a lot of work happening yet on the sewing front, but design ideas are taking form in the back corners of my mind, I can feel them gestating. Subtle new embellishments, and various bits of patternmaking will be there when once I have a few hours of free time to rub together. Maybe some more sketches soon....

dog is on watch

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