Monday, November 9, 2020

Monday miscellany

in which our plucky heroine regains some equanimity ...

The election is mostly over, and now comes the additional hard work to try and repair what of the damage can be repaired. At least now we have a chance to move forward, and a mite of hope for the future.

The apron started last week is finally finished, a bit kludgey, but perfectly functional. I decided to use up some of the random leftover bias, so the edges are bound in an assortment of black fabrics: corduroy, linen, quilting cotton, and a bit of japanese metallic print. Turning a worn out pinafore into an apron meant that I could salvage the large pinafore pockets. More aprons need to be made, as I always have wanted to have them handy for messy kitchen, workroom, or yard tasks. My idea of using separate straps attached at each end with snap hooks is basically functional, but needs a little adaptation and adjustment, as I overestimated the length. (the idea is that the aprons will be easier to launder if there aren't long apron strings and straps tangling in the washer). The symbology of making aprons right now seems eminently suitable.

It was a mostly good weekend, and zoom with my siblings was good too, even though we still have no resolution of the difficult situation with Aged Parents... there was much grocery shopping accomplished as Heather stopped by on Saturday. Reading A Midsummer Night's Dream aloud was a lot of fun, and I even dressed in a sort of costume, wearing some of my Elizabethan garb (just for fun). My pal Rois made an appearance at the evening Crafternoon shindig! I've not hardly seen her or her husband since they moved away years ago; with luck she and I can renew our enjoyment of crafting and chatting.

beauty in the time of isolation - day 241:
managed to get out and walk a bit... there are lots of places where the leaves are turning, some golden, some vivid red, and some to these amazing mulitcolored patterns...
~ 100 day creativity challenge - day 70 ~
Nandina is cozy under her quilt, in the attic bedroom of Caer Cardboard... I still need to make a bed for Xanthy, who is currently sleeping in the tent atop the bookcase. I look forward to doing more this winter on turning recycled boxes into a whimsical home for my tiny friends. I've been saving transparent container lids with the thought of making windows, and when the box of aluminium foil was used up, the interior cardboard roll was very sturdy, and about the right size to make porch columns...

November SMART goals (x=extra)
1 five new dishtowels
restring beads
2 new apron
3 xx -
4 x x x
5 xx x
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - I met Michele through Mickey, and have been greatly enjoying getting to know her. She hosts an online salon, and at the recent one the discussion turned to romance and love, and the meanings and definitions thereof; it was the sort of deep conversation I crave and rarely experience, and left me feeling both thoughtful and connected.


  1. I hope you will share a photo of the new apron. I need to sew some too. Mine are looking much worse for the wear. I like the idea of detachable strings. It's always a pain when the apron strings wrap around everything in the laundry.

    I like the idea of the tin foil roll as porch columns, especially since that means Caer Cardboard will have a porch. Porches are such cozy places.

    1. I'll have to wait for daylight to take an apron photo, as today was a total loss due to eye exam first thing in the AM... and I will try and do a bit of a sketch as well.

      My plan for the floor plan involves either a porch or balcony, depending on if the house becomes taller or wider. It is going to be a fun ongoing project...

  2. Your conversations sound like treasures. I'm so glad Nandina has a cozy warm quilt made by her Mama. The apron idea is innovative. I seem to remember from somewhere apron strings tied on but it would be fun to consider every possible way of fastening: buttons, zippers, snaps, ties, buckles, Velcro...

    1. I tried first tying on the apron strings, but they proved difficult to un-tie! Then I found four little bitty swivel hooks in my random notions drawer, and it occurred to me that those would be the PERFECT way to attach apron strings. And the strings aren't the part that gets dirty, so they can simply transfer from one apron to another... at least, that is the idea