Wednesday, November 18, 2020

gifty wishlist 2020 version

in which our plucky heroine offers notes about useful and desirable gifts...

I've been participating in Duchess Daegmar's Sekrit Santa gift exchange for a number of years now. Most of what will make a real difference in my life are not things, but the gift of experiences, time, and the sharing of resources... because time spent together is the best gift of all, whether helping with household tasks or out adventuring in the wide world. Alas this year we are forced by the plague to stay separate, precluding any contact or assistance. Since I have spent the last several years doing major decluttering; it is actually pretty difficult to find objects that fit the stated requirements: "keep the exchanged gift either handmade and/or homemade, or if purchased to be $25 or less."

It seemed a good idea to provide both general guidelines to what I like and do not like, as well as a modest annotated list of assorted Useful and Delightful things:

Random wishlist notes:

My favorite colors in general: The kind of blue that you get from indigo: nightsky and dark denim. The greyish color of natural linen. Taupe. Grey. Soft dull turquoise. The dark black brown of some kinds of undyed sheep wool. Bittersweet chocolate brown.

In general, food is not a Fjorlief treat, with one noteable exception (this specific marzipan may be the best marzipan on the planet). Our plucky heroine does not particularly like chocolate, and is very allergic to cherries and hazelnut. I particularly do not like scented things, and am very allergic to cedar.

I love handmade gifts, particularly those of the wooden, ironwork, glass or textile sort. My SCA life is mostly as a Norse/Slavic style person, so narrow handmade trim suitable for early period garb is always useful, as are period style lampwork beads. I mostly do not collect things, in particular I don't collect acorn kitsch, even though the house is named Acorn Cottage...

Annotated wishlist items that are less than $25, in no particular order at all :
Susan Cooper + Carson Ellis!! "The Shortest Day"

some workshop tools
Pocket size DMT pocket diamond hones would be very handy both for sharpening knives, and for grinding down enamels.

Another useful tool is this sturdy titanium ruler

I would really enjoy having a better wee tiny narrow "V" gouge for my carving tool collection. I've started doing more block printing and my initial starter kit of gouges is somewhat limited in both size and quality... this 1mm 45 degree V gouge would be great

this sharpening set would help keep everything nice in good condition...

An assortment of small knitting trinkets, each of which appears to be a particular improvement on what I am doing now... these Clover stitch holders seem easier to use than using a needle and string to hold stitches, these "stitch stoppers" (in neutrals of course, not the pastel colors!).

Wake The Dead's combination of celtic-style instruments and arrangements, and Grateful Dead songs, makes me really happy. Any of the three CD's would be a nice addition to the Acorn Cottage library: Wake The Dead, or Buckdancer's Choice, or Blue Light Cheap Hotel

Michele reminded me that this rare flavoring "fiori di sicilia", is worth the effort of tracking it down

some rather more spendy things, in no particular order at all:

It would be a very good and necessary addition to the infrastructure here to acquire an extension ladder, or at least a substantial regular ladder. One that is long enough to reach the gutters, and the attic hatchways... must needs do a bit more research as to what would be best... two different friends have mentioned that the recombinant style ladders have worked well?

a raised bed structure for gardening... 

A headlamp for my bicycle... I have a good flashing clip-on rear light, and my bike tires have intensely reflective sidewalls, plus my reflective mesh vest, but a front light would be useful... best if it could be easily detached/reattached, like my clip on rear light, so that it would be safe in my daypack instead of stolen, when my bike is locked up outside the grocery store...

This is not Useful per se, but it is a very lovely talisman in silver or in bronze...

I will be adding to this list as I think of possible things that would be both useful and beautiful additions to my home and life...


  1. I love your favourite colours and your beautifully-curated list! Many of these things would be on my wishlist, too - in fact pretty much everything! I also don't have any nice knitting accessories for holding stitches, etc., which is peculiar. The Angela Harding print is so lovely...Thank you for sharing this.

    1. PS It is Stephanie..with a very old blogger name.

    2. HI Stephanie - I have been reading your blog far more than I comment on it... I think I am slowly slowly coming back to being able to cope with our current situation. Beauty is always important, and I love how you find beauty in your surroundings. I just splurged and ordered some new yarn, as I am beginning to feel a desire to knit another cardigan