Thursday, January 2, 2020

a less than auspicious start

in which our plucky heroine is quite distracted by pain...

Some of the time I just plain hate my endoskeleton. This is one of those times... and, adding injury to insult, not only has my SI joint decided that it isn't going to cooperate with the rest of my body, screaming at me with every change of position, but yesterday morning while eating breakfast I bit my tongue. Hard. Like bleeding into the porridge spoon. Never done that before. Looked at it afterwards and it seems not to need medical attention, but hurts, because tongue tip! One friend suggested that this, rather than being an inauspicious start to the new year, is instead the last of 2019, adding an extra smack of unpleasantness just because it can. Here's hoping that 2020 brings better things to all of us!

Started on my next personal sewing, with this treasured fabric, light blue cotton with horses in various shades from dark brown to creamy white. I plan to make a blouse, using LaFred's Athena Blouse pattern. I will need to alter the pattern to fit me better, as the last time I made it was over fifteen years and umpteen pounds ago.

The Athena blouse has an interesting square armscye, and as I recall has sort of dropped shoulders and a loose fit, so quite different than my current TNT blouse pattern, which has a bias cut front, set in sleeves, and a peplum lower half. However, running the print on the bias would look odd; diagonal stripes, or florals, are no problem, but I felt that horses standing diagonally all down my front would not do. Hence my need to re-fit a pattern that allows the blouse front to be cut on the straight of grain, an easier task than entirely redrafting the front of my TNT pattern. And this will (hopefully) give me a second TNT blouse pattern, subtly different than the other...

I was worried that there might not be enough yardage, until I realised that my own short stature meant I could shorten the pattern pieces rather a lot. I first measured the other blouses I've sewn, to get the ideal length, and then laid out the pattern on the fabric... just enough! Really glad, since that Heather Ross fabric has apparently become very "collectable" in the intervening many years it has been aging on my shelf... The fabric pieces, together with thread, chosen buttons, and a piece of well washed white sheeting (sew in interfacing for the front edge and the back yoke), all go into a tote bag as a sewing kit for this week whenever I get a bit of time.

I also set up the two lamps that were my gift to myself and to the house this year. The tabletop plant light is quite sturdy and simple, and once I acquire some planting pots*, will soon be working hard keeping the kitchen here at Acorn Cottage in fresh herbage. I plan to grow arugula and cilantro, and to pick up a basil plant at Trader Joes. The plant light + tray + plant pots will fit neatly atop the clothes dryer, where there is also a convenient electrical outlet. I wish that there were more outlets in the kitchen.

The other lamp was an LED/circular magnifier for use when working on small projects (enameling, metalwork, and scribal arts), the combination of better lighting and magnification will be most helpful, in a way that my eyeglasses are not. There must needs be some rearrangement of tables in order to accommodate the lamp, which is somewhat larger than I imagined, and has joints that only bend in certain directions. "Proficere lente sed proficere"

* I ordered these small self-watering pots with the last of last years Amazon birthday gift credit. I am no way a natural gardener, and I figure that plants here need all the help I can manage.

January SMART goals (x=extra)
1 - new workroom light bag to Goodwill
2 ---
3 -- -
4 -
- -
5 -- -
6 - -
7 x x
8 x x x
9 x
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - this year is a great improvement on last year at this time, which had me in so much pain from cranky ankle that I needed an MRI and much physical therapy, and a lot of time to pass before I could walk without agony.


  1. It's amazing all the ways our bodies can come up with to torment us. I often wonder WHY? but the universe had not seen fit to answer me. Please be careful while healing.

    The blouse pattern is lovely and the square armscye reminds me of similar sleeves on some 50s and 60s patterns I had. Of course The Athena Blouse is much more modern and wearable (I don't think women could breathe in those fitted dresses of the 50s).

    1. I intend to be suitably careful, although I cannot for the life of me figure out *why* my SI joint so dreadfully disagreed with my choice a week ago to have a pleasant hour in the soaking pool with friends, get all relaxed and then fall apart upon arriving back at Acorn Cottage? I will be even more careful when eating food, as apparently I have no idea of how sharp my teeth are and how strong my jaw is!

      I know that in the 50's many women wore shapewear, but also that many people were in fact that size. I wore some of my mother's dresses from the 50's when I was a schoolgirl, and back then my figure was literally 36/26/36... those days are long gone.