Saturday, June 1, 2013


in which our plucky heroine has a terrible horrible awful no good day... Mostly I try and post about the good stuff, and not share the less than good. I realise this is all first world problems, but right now girl just wants a hug, and some company, don't you know...

This evening, I noticed pretty bad pain in my left arm. So I called the nurse consult line, because I didn't know if it was nothing, or a "life threatening emergency". They told me to call 911. So I had the firemen here, and then the EMT's, and they checked my heart with their machines, and my heart seems normal. I figured better to be a fool than dead of stupidity.

I started today feeling off, and instead of my usual productivity, spent most of the day asleep instead of the decluttering, house chores and studio work I'd planned on.

The memory foam (that I bought from Costco online to try and make the bed a little more comfy so I will sleep better at night) is soooo smelly that I ended up needing to drag it outside into the sun to try and air it out. That foam is heavy and awkward for one small gal to horse around. I entirely discombobulated the futon frame also, while trying to put it back into place once I realised that keeping the memory foam inside was making the entire house smell bad.

Got the new phone (which arrived yesterday, and no thanks to FedEx for screwing up the delivery big time so I needed to take three hours to go pick it up) sorted out, mostly, so that is a plus, and once they mail me the instructions manual I will be able to figure out how to use it. It is still a very Basic Moron Phone, but all the buttons work. Just not the same way that the old phone did. Instructions will help, I hope.

In addition, this last week some critter killed and partially ate one of my two remaining hens. In the morning while I was taking a shower. I'd not wish that kind of end on even my least favorite being. And, based on that there are now no eggs at all in the chicken house, it was the one hen that was still laying... I feel bad for the one remaining hen; chooks are not happy as solitary creatures.

Hopefully I can get the homeplace a bit less of a rubbish tip, and can turn this bad attitude around. The only bright spot was that my kittycorner neighbors came over once the firemen and ambulance left, to check in on me and make sure I was okay. I love my neighborhood.


  1. Sorry for a bad day! I'm glad it wasn't a "Life Threatening Emergency" but good for you for calling. Also sorry about your chicken (and future eggs).

    Take your time and rest. Perhaps you are needing extra rest and recovery for something you don't know about.

    xxx from the ether

  2. Hi Elizabeth! and thank you for the kindly thoughts... I feel fortunate that my life allows me time to rest when I need to. Eventually there will be new young hens coming to live here, my Olympia pals have some that we will swap for me doing some sewing for them.