Sunday, June 2, 2013

a slightly better day

Though my arm is still hurting, our plucky heroine seems to have made it through the night and is still alive. My nextdoor neighbors came over this morning to check in on me. Did I mention that I love my neighborhood? Today is an improvement: not so much with the sleeping for no good reason, and a bit more with the productivity. Having my friend E come over for part of the day was a big help, we had planned this get-together weeks ago, to encourage each other on projects that are for one reason or another being stubborn. Consequentially, there is a noticeable amount of paper recycling debris gone from my tabletop, and all the wires are bent for the current enamel project - E made good progress on her linen undergown (gussets are always the hardest part)

Since the weather is so warm and sunny, it seemed like a good idea to go ahead and paint the plywood cutout that will be filling the gaps around the bathroom vent fan. Like most every project around the homeplace, it takes forever and a day to complete, but done in small increments is still done... This project (replace old dysfunctional & loud vent fan with new improved EnergyStar quiet fan) started in May 2008. Once the plywood is painted and attached to the ceiling, one small project can be checked of the very long punch list. There are four more bathroom repair projects (replace shower surround molding, replace sink, undersink fill in, and mosaic backsplash), and at least one of those will also be completed this summer...


  1. You are truly plucky AND a heroine. I was sorry to learn about the murder of your chicken. But more sorry to learn about that stinky memory foam. I wonder whether you could return that foam? (I know it would be a complete pain in the neck to do so). Or construct a bower up in a tree where you could sleep on it in open air and ventilation? That stinkiness might be something icky out-gassing. . . being a plucky heroine shouldn't include breathing the gasses of manufacturing.
    Isn't it fabulous to make progress on projects?

  2. Agree with Claire - your foam is out-gassing. Hopefully will pass.

    Oh man I love to get those projects done, good job! I think we'll have plenty in the new house, hope I do as well...

  3. I really get it -the house repairs, the health scares, the hen murder. Definitely requires a hug. Here's one from an Artisan Square buddy ---Penwalk

  4. I love the idea of a bower up in a tree, preferably with mosquito netting, but the trees here at Acorn Cottage are nowhere near large enough for even a bed for this short gal... Leaving the foam outside in the sun has really reduced the odor, thankfully. Am still rather grasping at equanimity, but hopefully it will return. Girl is very grateful for all the good wishes!!