Friday, December 30, 2011

on the shelf

in which our plucky heroine acquires some additional storage space...

It has been worky-week here at Acorn Cottage, my schedule is one intense week alternating with one household week, and this week had me out of the house working on all five days. Am spending a goodly chunk of every day on the phone dealing with med-foo, and a goodly chunk of most evenings in the workroom. In the midst of all this, dear Gryphon came down here, to help me get new shelves on the wall above the futon couch.

Such projects are ever-so-much easier with more than one set of hands, and over the course of the two days, the pieces of cut plywood from last weekend had their corners rounded, a trip to the big orange box garnered more brackets, and now there is space for a lot more of my fabrics to have a home. I've been thinking (when not totally freaked) of what will help with my convalescence; I want the bedroom to be serene, which it certainly is not right now, and I really want to get the guest room/sewing room into a more organised state as well. While the shelving will not solve that, getting the fabric more condensed will make it possible to figure out what all else is in there...

new storage shelves, futon couch, and
piles of random craft supplies + fabric

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  1. Looking good already, before the fabric transfer - and the couch looks terrific! xoxo