Tuesday, November 1, 2011

compost without guilt

in which our plucky heroine decides that sometimes a crock pot is just a crock of ----!

I started making plum sauce yesterday evening. Was too tired to stay up late enough to finish cooking it down, and then waterbath process it, so transferred into the crock pot(s) to let it cook slowly overnight. Bah! That was an unexpectedly Bad Idea!

The plum sauce went from a delectably sweet/spicy/savory (if a bit thin) brown puree, to a charcoal-colored, somewhat bitter but still too thin liquid overnight. I suspect that the sugar somehow overcooked, like bad caramel, and in combination with the cayenne, it is no longer food. I think that adding more plums to this would be a waste. I doubt that the hens will want to eat it, and think that starting over, on a day when I can begin in the morning, and be a home to keep an eye on it, would be better. Fortunately there are still plums in the freezer, so there can will still be delicious condiment made for pantry storage and future meals, but it irks me mightily to have wasted several pounds of foraged plums, not to mention the additional ingredients, and the electricity to cook it. Oh well, live and learn. It is not always straightforward progress here at the Acorn Cottage homestead.

dog is on watch,
patiently waiting for relief


  1. Tonight Jeff made sourdough charcoal lumps because he didn't hear the alarm go off when the bread was done. Oh well, it happens...

  2. I've had some canning disasters lately too. Isn't composting a disaster a relief sometimes? Oh yeah, as for anesthesia (other post) it's so much safer than it used to be. I'm incredibly sensitive to meds, but have survived two times with no problems. (Still smiling at the pin you sent me.)