Wednesday, December 8, 2010

look up, pay attention to details...

The shelf above the bedroom door is up, in a most rudimentary form. Wants painted*, but even as it is, there is now a Useful Place to store bedding, which frees up a bit of prime storage space in the hall cupboard (which was my thought behind storing the bedding in the bedroom instead, where it actually gets used!)
The way it lowers the ceiling just as you enter the room is subtly pleasing to me. Not certain if it is a Pattern Language pattern or a Not So Big House pattern, but somewhere I remember reading about how a transition from a lower ceiling to a higher one is a good thing for entranceway spaces. 'Tis one thing to read about it, and another to experience. Now granted, the entry to the bedroom is only the matter of stepping through the door, but there is a definite and noticeable transition caused by the presence of the shelf. And all my intention was for simply providing another storage space.

holding the camera overhead, not easy = fuzzy picture

As a small detail, the outer corner of the shelf is cut into the double curve motif used all around the house. Took only a little more time than just cutting it square, but in time, the house will become more and more integrated in both function and decorative aspects. The same double curve is used in the porch support beam, and in my front porch flashing. There is another house a few blocks away that is a great example of this, with flashing and brackets and moulding all with similar contours. Small details that make a big difference.

The hall cupboard could be utilised much more effectively than it currently is. The central shelves should hold things that are used often, though like all ostensibly "linen cupboards" the shelves are quite deep and far apart, which makes for messy storage of anything other than sheets and bathtowels. Must needs do some brainstorming about what belongs in the space, which should make clearer how to organise it. One shelf could hold all the stationary type stuff: tape and glue and paper and notebook thingummys, all the stuff I can never find when needed!
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There is a very interesting series of videos up at Spirit Cloth. Jude is working through her process of creation of some small holiday art cloth, and it is very tempting to join in working along. Her artwork is stunning and intuitive, and her blog is a thoughtful inspiring daily read for me.
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An egg a day almost every day; homegrown is wonderful, and unexpected in the heart of winter. Good hens!
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More boring medical-fu interfering with the daily necessities of life. Bah.Tuesday was pretty much useless, I'd intended a studio day, but got an Urgent Care day instead. Nothing serious, just time consuming. Studio work will get pushed back just a tad, but there are three almost finished project in process, two old commissions and one tiny brooch pair for me, all should be done by the weekend...
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* the whole house interior wants painted. The first room that can be easily cleared out will be the first painted. Probably that means the bathroom, but oh how I want to paint my bedroom!


  1. Not So Big House definitely recommended transitions in the ceiling height. Pattern Language may have too, but I *know* NSB House did.

    I like the decorative corner on your shelf. How cute. Do you have to keep a ladder nearby to get the stuff off that shelf?

  2. I have a stepladder that moves from room to room as needed. Aluminum, so lightweight and sturdy, with an upper loop that makes it feel very safe to climb. It is similar to the one pictured here*, but not as tall, has one less step up.