Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday tidbits: random small projects

Finally took a bit of time and stitched together the parts of the knitted jellyfish that I promised B's nephew A when he was visiting this summer; now to find out where the family is living so it can be mailed off...

The first attempt at making a rainhat came out quite well, with one problem - the hat is too small! (about 22 7/8") The combination of the seam-sealing tape +the lack of stretchiness + the nice soft fleece lining = not quite the right size for my noggin. Thinking of offering it as a giveaway. Fortunately there is enough of the Gore-tex for me to make another larger hat before the winter rains start, and Rose City Textiles is actually quite accessible by transit, even though they are in the NW industrial zone. If you plan any outdoor-type project they are friendly, helpful, and have an astonishingly wide array of supplies and material, as well as an interesting selection of knit fabrics, including sustainable/organic.

Working out a design for the coat-into-vest SCA sewing project I volunteered for, as part of the group of folks that are working on clothing for the incoming royalty. This should be fun, and I'm enjoying looking at the inspirational images album posted by K, thinking about some large-ish scale Scythian animal motifs... Of course, this project is currently a bunch of pieces of wool, and unfinished coat-garment to be remodeled, some felt, some floss, and a bunch of nifty little silvery metal dome-studs.

Spent another several hours on the phone to DHS attempting to straighten out the confusion around my HMO selection. Every person I've spoken with has been very helpful, but every person has told me something different. Each time it is supposedly sorted out another new letter arrives a week later with different information, sigh...

My young hens are moulting, and the days are shorter week by week - there will be no more Acorn Cottage eggs 'till spring. The store eggs just don't taste as good, even the spendy free-range organic ones. Maybe next year will be the year to check out how well eggs freeze, and put the summer excess into storage for the dark days.

How do folks feel about a Halloween Crafternoon? I'm planning on the afternoon of the 31st, so do let me know if you want to come on over.

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