Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This just might be: Awesome Sauce

As in made of win and covered with...

There were five little peppers, not the old-fashioned childrens story, but two red jalapeƱos and three hot cherry peppers. They were looking just a bit sad, being leftover from all the previous compendium of capsicums. This tasty sounding British Chilli Jam seemed a good additional possibility.

Now mind, Acorn Cottage has a kitchen scale, so weighing out the ingredients was no trouble at all. There is a bag of Roma tomatoes in the chest freezer set aside for making condiments and sauces; if you freeze tomatoes whole, it is easy to slip off their skins as they start thawing, which I did, though the original recipe said it wasn't necessary, (tomato skins can sometimes taste bitter). Aside from that, there were no changes from the original.

This was simmering all evening during my Tuesday Open Studio night, sending delectable fragrance throughout the house. After A finished and the studio shut down for the night, the jammy sauce was processed and the leftover bits sampled. I licked the ladle before dumping it in the dishwater. OmGumYum that is sooo very tasty! There are now four different capsicum condiments for wintertime delight.

400g whole tomatoes
5 chile peppers
2 small ginger knobs
6 cloves garlic
30ml Thai fish sauce

½ c red wine vinegar
450g sugar

400g whole tomatoes

Blend 400g whole tomatoes,
chillies, garlic, ginger, and Thai fish sauce.
Add sugar and red wine vinegar.
Bring to a simmer.

Meanwhile, finely chop another 400g tomatoes.
Add them to the pan, and gently simmer.

It will take some time to cook down...
Keep watch so it does not catch and burn
When suitably thickened, jar and process

5+ 4oz jars - ¼" headspace - process 15 minutes
I did check the National Center for Food Preservation site to make certain that the recipe was sufficiently acidulated to be safe, and to get a suitable processing time. The closest similar recipe was for "Country Western Ketchup", and this recipe has significantly more vinegar in proportion to the other ingredients.

This is actually also part of my Tigress Can Jam entry for the month of October...


  1. What does 400g tomatoes look like if one is not so fortunate as to own a scale?

  2. 400g is between 3/4 and 1 lb, or about five or six BIG roma tomatoes