Saturday, September 25, 2010

let's do it again tomorrow + S3 - day 25

Did I mention how very much I like teaching? Only one student for this workshop, but she is really doing well, and has chosen a challenging "three raven heads" design for her first cloisonné piece. I am quite astonishingly tired this evening; standing on concrete all day is hard on my already unhappy back, but that is balanced by how energised I am to be working with such an enthusiastic and skillful beginner. Still, a relatively early bedtime will be a good idea, after all, there is another full day of workshop tomorrow.

Almost wore the pastel japanese dress today, for yet a third time this month, since the forecast was for 80F. But it was slightly chilly this morning, and a bike ride to the store was necessary. (No BonAmi at home, and then none at New Seasons or at Fred Meyers; I use it to pre-clean the metal before enameling, ended up using a mixture of calcium carbonate and baking soda) The cornflower blue ikat dress had not yet been worn this month, so that was my choice, figuring to change if need be. Didn't need to. Wore the eye bead necklace, and the oakleaf earrings.

Hopefully a bit more sewing will happen tonight, whilst waiting for my clients to arrive and pick up the last three of the four-cushion-cover project. Time to make up some more sewing business cards and send them out into the world, as there are no more sewing commissions hanging about here waiting to be completed. The good folks at Modern Domestic called to let me know that one of the sewing machine feet I wanted ordered has arrived: it is, hopefully, a clever "hemmer" foot, that will turn the fabric edge over twice just in time to stitch it down neatly. Since up till now I've been doing that literally by hand, a bit at a time while edge-stitching, the necessary learning curve, however challenging, will be the route to a simpler task in the end...

Almost all of the missing bits and bobs have been returned, found in obvious places that has already been looked through... methinks that the whiskey and cream were a good idea. Still looking for my favorite wooden comb, but that has been missing the longest. Most grateful for the return of my sewing machine manual, that would be harder to replace than my pendant, which also is back where it belongs.

Yesterday had a serious WTF in the middle of it - a form letter from DHS Salem saying that my enrollment in OHP would be cancelled in four days due to "my refusal to provide proof of citizenship" when asked! Seriously, all that information had been provided twice already, the first time I applied to the medical lottery, and again when I applied for the Trail Card, and no additional request ever came my way... But fearing the worst, I took several hours out of the day to bus over to the nearest office with my passport and social security card, not wanting some bureaucratic glitch to jeopardize the medical care that took four years to luck into.

The CanJam food of choice for next month is: capsicums. Wondering what will be a good choice, and be an ingredient that will actually be used in my own cooking. Wasn't one of my friends asking about hot pepper jelly awhile back? Maybe a zingy plum sauce would be a tasty treat, kind of like spicy hoisin sauce, with mu shu stir-fry... or maybe something like this, which sounds amazingly appetizing...

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