Sunday, August 8, 2010

keep on painting...

I am so very tired now, another 4 1/2 hours spent painting primer on the porch. Thanks to Jethro Tull, Jefferson Airplane, Dire Straits, and They Might Be Giants for keeping me company. I'm not finished yet, alas, the portion that hangs over the garden still needs painted, and the very outermost edge on the south side. Must need borrow a ladder; my little step-stool will not make me tall enough with the drop down to actual ground level; as it is now, working with my arms right overhead all the time is getting painful.

In Olympia, for years, I got a massage every other week. Made a HUGE difference in my physical well being. Haven't found an arrangement here in Portland that has worked out; my creakiness quotient is rather sky high, worse now after starting this painting project. (grunble grumble) Just need to keep reminding myself that the porch will look a lot better when the painting is done, indeed the parts that are primed look better already. Once the colors are added, it will really look splendid!

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