Sunday, June 13, 2010

amoeba amoeba

since cloning myself is not an option, though that feels like the only way that enough will be accomplished around here, I must needs be patient and let the body heal. Sleeping a lot, still, and coughing a lot still. With much gratitude to my (sekrit) benefactor, the nutritious goodies and healing tea is helping, and having fruit juice cold in the fridge is such a treat, I've been mixing it with the Emergen-C. At least I no longer feel entirely like a large animal stepped on my head.
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Since the middle of May, I've been slowly but steadily stitching away most evenings, so as to have clothing to wear this summer. I just completed dress #6...
This is my finished project for the japanese sewalong that was sponsored by Cecili. I added the distinctive neck band and sleeve width from the sewalong pattern to my TNT dress pattern, (simpler than re-grading the japanese pattern to my size). I am pretty happy with it, and drafting the neck variation was not that difficult. The fabric is a cotton twill jacquard, and very soft.
The neck band took as much time as the entire rest of the garment. Red text is my interpretation of the pictures. I did a lot of basting. I was not sure how to make the bottom edge tidy and enclose all the raw edges, as there are quite a few layers all coming together. I just kind of folded things up and hand stitched it as best I could.

The neck band fits into the neckline very smoothly, and is quite comfortable to wear. Quite a change from my usual simple bias bound edge. Best estimate is that it took at least three hours of pretty fiddly work to do however... while binding a neckline takes maybe half an hour tops, and that includes cutting out bias strips.

My one concern is that the bottom edge has at least six layers of fabric, all stitched to one layer of the bodice. If ever making this style neck band again, might be a good idea to use fabric that is thinner for the neckband, or to reinforce the bodice center front.
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  1. I find your rendition of the top stunning! I love that you turned it into something really unique with the beautiful fitted and pleated front. Oh and these cute pockets^^! The fabric is very elegant and it's cool that by making it a dress instead of a top you'll probably enjoy wearing it more :)

  2. Dear Alison, I like the kokka pattern you sent me a link to and I'd be interested in making it next month. How about you hosted the sew-along? That would be great!