Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pickled Paperwhites

Almost every year, I remember to force* some fragrant paperwhite narcissus bulbs, so that in the short dark days after the winter holidays there is some indoor reminder that the year is turning towards springtime. And almost every year my flowers are at the top of tall, floppy, needing-to-be-staked-up plants. This year I decided to try something that I'd read about on some garden sites: mixing alcohol (vodka) into the water. I was worried that the alcohol smell would persist, but it quickly dissipated. It worked astonishingly well, my paperwhites are about half as tall as usual, but the flowers are the same large sweet scented delights as ever. I'd like to find some local source for the "Soleil D'Or" narcissus, they look like miniature daffodils.

*"forcing" bulbs means to encourage them to bloom earlier than usual.

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  1. Hello! followed through to your blog from Dustpan Alley. Love your header! And even though it's only your third post, I learned something awesome about forcing my favorite bulbs! I have been doing it for 15 years and never knew about this trick - thanks, Alison! Cute blog layout - like your color scheme.