Monday, September 14, 2020

Monday maunderings...

in which our plucky heroine has an old question answered...

All those instances in past years when (in response to various and sundry troublesome incidents) the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" led me to reply wtf am I going to need to be so gorram strong for...  I had thought that my cancer journey was the answer when it came, but now it seems that was only a rehearsal.

The reality we are in now feels like the sort of apocalyptic SF I gave up on reading decades ago, the sort of stories that end without hope. None of them included it being too dangerous to even be any closer than six feet to our cohorts. Perhaps, somehow, we humans will learn the lesson (cooperate or die) to heal ourselves and our planet, so that our species can continue to exist

Last night I went to bed, and the AQI had risen to 618. Which is basically off the chart. Overnight went to a high of 688, and currently at 472 is still deep beyond "Hazardous - everyone may experience more serious health effects, everyone should avoid all outdoor activity". I've not been outside at all in three days.

today's gratitude
- I am alive, my relatives and friends are mostly all still alive. Where there is life, there is hope.
"Hope is a discipline, Mariame Kaba said, and it matters most when it's hardest. Right now it doesn't mean envisioning rosy futures; it means knowing that the worst case scenarios are not inevitable, and every day we are choosing together what direction we head in."
~ Rebecca Solnit


  1. Alison, I've been reading and following along and I wanted to let you know that there are people out here who care about you and look forward to your posts. Thank you for these little gifts you give us. Take care.

    1. Aww Sasha, thank you for your kind words... with good fortune most of us will get through these difficult times... you take care as well!