Wednesday, May 20, 2020

word of the day: aestivate

in which our plucky heroine thinks about goals, while walking around in circles...

The current pandemic situation is changing all of us in unexpected ways. I am not overly worried about my mental health, and am taking action every day to support the connections I do have with other people, albeit in non-physical ways ie phone calls, zoom calls, social media, and blogging... but what I miss the most is the ease in daily life, the small random positive interactions, and the planned high points of the year wheel, with events and visits with friends and family. My tactile self is in aestivation, in the same way as a desert frog will bury itself to wait out the drought until the rains come again)

I have no four legged friends living here, I have no other human living here. I am doing my best to stay sane. I know that it will be months probably years before it will be safe enough for me to be in contact with other humans any closer than six to ten feet away. I have no idea what sort of person I will be by then. My goal is to stay sane.

My midrange goal is to both stay sane and to stay alive, and to be in better physical health in 2024 than I am now.

My shortrange goal is to accomplish at least one thing every day beyond simple survival. Logging in my SMART goals, and writing here, help me remember that I am often successful...

Two wheelbarrow loads (so far) of apple tree pruning, one of bracken prunings, despite the drizzle and rain. The baby bok choy were planted, a strenuous effort that involved moving two concrete blocks and almost a full wheelbarrow of garden soil. And, most excitingly, the Oregon Spring tomato start I planted on May 10th already has a baby tomato forming!


one new-to-me mask pattern has a somewhat better fit than the "origami style" one I have been making recently... a second mask pattern, was somewhat less good - having a seam down the center front is something I find really tactilely annoying

well double crap! the masks I made last week, with the new aluminum wire - the wire snapped to pieces inside the mask when I washed it in the washing machine. I think that instead, I will boil the masks on the stovetop, and hang them to dry rather than use the washing machine for them... benefit, hotter water, drawback, extra procedure... And I have sent messages to everyone I made masks for, warning about the wire, and offering to make new wires from a different material (copper rather than aluminum?)

My new floral blouse now has buttons and buttonholes, so yay, only three more items to sew for SWAP 2020! I just might make the end of June deadline, and also successfully add to my everyday wardrobe garments that has been long planned as Useful Additions while still adding some pleasantly seasonal details.

I was worried that the micro rick rack would end up being a bit too twee, but I think I like it. It works more as subtle punctuation than overly childish effect. Next project, dark turquoise teal pinafore...

A wonderful brunch yesterday morning of "Friendship Tostadas": the blue corn masa came from my Mud Bay pals, the tomatoes in the Awesome Sauce came from my next door neighbors, the lettuce came from Aelfflaed, and the beans/yoghurt/cheese were shopped for by my friend Heather. (I did also slather the beans with homemade salsa verde)

beauty in the time of isolation - reset day 14:

unknown but pretty flowering tree...

May SMART goals (x=extra)
1 collage bird netting peaslong grass backyard
2 strawberry rhubarb harvest pea greensyard waste bin
3 lemon curdharvest sunflower greens recycling bin
4 coin purse
planted tomato starts apple tree prunings
5 Heather maskstarted arugula/cilantro -
6 Kestrel apron planted bok choy starts
7 floral blouse x
8 x x x
9 x
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

today's gratitude - the spirit of improvisation, which allowed me to create tomato habitat from assorted household objects


  1. Your new blouse is so very pretty!

    1. aw thanks! I wanted to get it done in time to wear for the family Zoom meeting this afternoon...

  2. I think the rickrack is a nice touch on the blouse. It just adds "that little something."