Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine resumes usual programming...

My current scribal project is moving along nicely, and if all goes well should be done tomorrow. I sketched in all the details, then inked them with a .005 Micron pen. Then I added the calligraphy referencing the actual award, for the Order of Three Mountains. Once that part is successfully done, then I start on the painting. The painting takes a LOT longer than the writing, so I always do the calligraphy first, in case there are any problems. I am hoping that I will be able to add the tiny painted gold lines that delineate the "cloisons" in the design. As always I try and do at least one new thing each time I paint a charter or scroll...
partialy painted

So in the interest of adding one or two more popover dresses to my summer wardrobe, since the heat wave continues unabated, I found that for some unknown reason I cut out oddly-sized not-popover pieces of my two chunks of rayon. WTF! Whyever did I choose to cut out pattern pieces that bear no apparent congruence with the actual sizes needed for the garment?! I might dip into my one precious piece of Nani Iro double gauze if there is enough, since that would be much less annoying than piecing together the lovely rayon.

Instead, the rayon could become a popover blouse, as I have a concept brewing for transmogrifying my easy popover pattern into a woven top... The narrow front center panel could become a kind of button band, to allow a decorative button front. It would be easy to add sleeves, in the same way that an SCA undergown or tunic has sleeves. Might be possible to patternhack in a collar. If this works, I could even make a jacket from some of the handwoven wool, and add handknit sleeves. Food for thought anyway...

And speaking of handknit, I found this graphic online about needlefelted steeks, which is absolutely a brilliant idea, so I image searched and traced back to this blog here  Though the idea of knitting is not at all appealing in this heat, eventually it will be cooler weather, and my desire for a new sweater might just cause me to start looking through the yarn and digging out the graph paper


  1. Oh dear. I have had your experience of discovering that a piece of fabric that I expected to be whole was mysteriously cut into pieces, and that the pattern may or may not be in the vicinity. And if the pattern is there, something is usually missing (instructions for some sleeve oddity or something). I pin it on my rare "I must cut something out" moods, and my un-rare habit of keeping almost everything. . . I hope you can get the outcome you want w/o too much irritating piecing!!!

    1. Perhaps I can find some coordinating fabric to go with the lovely batik rayon, and the shibori print rayon that were intended to become two more popovers?? I am going to take it as a call to try out something new, since I don't have any more uncut rayon suitable for making summer popovers. :( Going to muslin up a possible popover style top instead. It is so hot that I don't really want to sew, but I know that it will eventually cool off, and I can get back to my everyday clothing again, and some new tops to wear with pinafores will be very welcome.