Tuesday, July 10, 2018

well begun

in which our plucky heroine is pleased with progress...

As part of making and decorating SCA clothing for myself and for my Blue Cedar House pals, it seemed like an enjoyable idea to block print fabric for use as trim. In the Viking Age, precious silk samite fabric was cut into strips and used thusly, and though suitable samite isn't really an option, by block printing, we can create a similarly splendid effect.

I will be creating a mix and match group of blocks that can be combined in various ways, with central blocks that either reflect period motifs, or use our personal heraldry in a creatively historical manner, as a way of doing heraldic display for a non-heraldic time period, but appropriate to our own SCA culture...

A large border block partially carved, and a new interstitial block with the design laid out. Both will have the center portions void, to allow for various motifs and/or different colors to be used...
The design for the interstitial block is from this textile.
(Hanging with winged horses in medallions (detail), Egypt, 4th–6th century
©Abegg-Stiftung, CH-3132 Riggisberg (photo: Christoph von VirĂ g)

This block will be 5" in diameter and will fit neatly in the center or my large border block once it is completed. An example of creating a motif in a period style, but instead of copying a historical artifact, I am instead using pieces of Musa-Thora's personal heraldry.

What I did here was to take the main charge from her arms, the rampant mouse, and mirror it on either side of the main charge from her badge, the European cedar tree, and combine them in the "two animals confronted between a foliage" motif common to the samite roundels that inspire this style of block printing. My initial layout simply involved copy and paste of the designs from her heraldic submission forms, once I transferred that to the linoleum, I modified the tree foliage to better fill the space.

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