Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday is not funday...

In which our plucky heroine attempts to not let it get to her...

Another two day heat advisory... It is currently 81F (26C) inside the house. It got up to over 94F (34C) in the shade outside, and the porch thermometer fell off the window. The neighborhood temperature reached 104F (40C) this afternoon. In addition the air quality is degraded to unhealthy which explains my throat feeling raw. Since the heat advisory is not over until maybe the end of tomorrow, the temperature will not really cool down at night until just before sunrise, which is very bad indeed.

I am having difficulty thinking well, because brain and heat are not friends. I am attempting to make some progress on my popover dress, and made a list of all the steps needed to complete it, since even that amount of planning is a challenge. This way I can look at the list and mark off what I have done.

It is now almost 11 PM. It is 82F (28C) outside. Glad I made it to the store last night, I wouldn't want to try and ride my bike in this heat, although at least the evil daystar is somewhere else for the moment and there is a beautiful moon out instead.

Yesterday I managed to get good errands done in the morning, and an extra trip to the grocery store on my bike just before they closed at 11 PM. Today was all about hiding indoors. This morning, I found a frozen landscape of trees and rocks inside my cup of hibiscus tea, which I had half finished and set in the fridge last night. It looks lovely and cool..,

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