Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday fragments

in which our plucky heroine is quite enervated...

The heat wave continues waving... a little up, a little down, but only occasionally cools off enough to let me cool the house enough for comfort in the morning. I've been getting up at 5 AM to run the fans until the outside temperature is greater than the inside. Then everything gets shut down until the reverse is true, which sometimes happens late at night, and sometimes in the wee small hours. Over the course of the day, the house gets warmer and warmer, in a cycle that is a few hours offset from the heat outside. If I don't run the fans in the morning before dawn and just after, the house never cools down.

Wool trim tablet weaving progress report - 62" completed so far, which is more than half the warp. It takes me about a half hour to weave one repeat of the pattern, which is 5 1/2", so I have put in over seven hours so far. I am not a fast weaver, and the irregular turning of Finnish style tablet weaving requires great concentration, so I have not included the time spent unweaving and reweaving when I make an error.

My pool card apparently ran out at the end of last week. There isn't always someone at the desk, and scanning it into the automated check-in doesn't give me that information. So today I rode my bike over to the pool office with my newly filled out financial aid form*, checkbook, and supporting documents in one basket, and my pool gear and towel in the other. (I do know where my towel is!) Turned in the form, and was told that it would take two working days to process, and that my old card wasn't valid for swimming today (sadface, but expected). So I rode slowly home in the midday heat... Got home, and there was a message on the answering machine that my application was approved, and that as soon as I paid my share, I could swim again. I wish that they could have told me to just hang around the office there for the fifteen minutes it took me to ride home. I was much too fried from bike riding in the heat to ride back there a second time today, though...


As the Useful Sale (40% off on Speedball inks, and also on Jacquard dye and textile paint) is coming to an end at the local art store, I headed over there as soon as they opened this morning... art supplies acquired: more dye to transform the rayon dress by copiaus applicaiton of turquoise and teal, an assortment of colors of fabric blockprinting ink and textile paint, and a few small treats - a new mapping pen for me to try out for scribal detail work, and some colorful yarn for young Ellie

Scavenged figs will eventually become jam, to transmogrify the terrible heat of summer into wintertime delight. Today I found another two pounds on the tree behind the bike shelter ready to be picked... Three pounds of figs currently chopped up and macerating with sugar in a bowl in the fridge. WIth the addition of two lemons juice and zest, and some time cooking down, they will be ready to bottle for the pantry. It will be very likely that they take a small rest in the freezer for now, once they have been prepped, as the idea of filling the maslin pan with boiling water to properly seal the jars in this heat does not appeal.

July SMART goals (x=extra)
1 wool apron dress planted tarragonyard waste bin
2 large border block LED light shieldvenetian blind
3 Thora mousie blockharvested garlic bag to Goodwill
4 interstitial block
garlic braided paper recycling
5 pie blocksoapdish bag to Goodwill
6 mini pallet popover seams bag to Goodwill
7 3M enamel x bag to Goodwill
8 x x bag to Goodwill
9 x
x bag to Goodwill
10 x x canning jars
11 x x old magazines
12 x x -
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

* part of my city taxes I pay every year go to the Parks Department, which uses a fragment of that to provide 50% subsidies for folks of low income who wish to use the various park facilities, or take classes. This is a Good Thing. I've not used it anywhere other than at the pool, which is both within a mile or so of my house, and a place I can do my physical therapy to help my wonky legs and esae the lymphedema, but it means that pool access, which would otherwise be entirely out of my reach, is possible...

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