Sunday, July 8, 2018

bigger than a breadbox

in which our plucky heroine travels there and back again...

One of my favorite regional SCA events, AnTir/West War, happens every year just outside of Gold Beach, near the border between Oregon and northern California. We often choose to drive Hwy 38 along the Umpqa River, as a good balance between speed and scenery. The coast road is the most scenic, but even with part of the trip on I-5 it is still at least five or more hours from where I live, adding more time on 101 would lengthen the journey quite a bit.

This year, for our first time ever, the "Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area" had two large groups of elk close to the road!

We've driven past there many a time, and only ever seen a few elk one previous time, at a great distance...
Elk are huge, the second largest members of the deer family. Only moose are larger.

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