Tuesday, July 3, 2018

a scent so sweet

in which our plucky heroine follows her nose...

The first time I smelled the scent of linden blossoms, I was riding through the park on my way to the pool, and my first thought was that someone was using something very strongly odiferous as a laundry product, since strong natural floral scents are rare in these parts.

However, when I smelled it again in the imported soap aisle of a local shop, it was more accurately identified, and I realised that the huge beautiful trees that shaded part of the park are actually venerable linden trees.

I'd never seen or smelled any before in all my years, and they really do have a lovely sweet floral scent. The leaves are heart shaped, deep green above and silvery below, and the fragrant golden blossoms are, apparently, superb bee fodder...

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